‘Is Luke on Married at First Sight gay?’ Fans think something is up after he says he’s ‘repulsed’ by wife

Luke Cuccarullo headshot from Married at First Sight
Luke Cuccarullo just isn’t into Kate Sisk but is there a secret reason why? Pic credit: Lifetime

Luke and Kate are the couple to watch this season on Married at First Sight and not because they are madly in love. Actually, it’s quite the opposite in this arranged marriage because, so far, Luke really isn’t into his wife at all.

On the most recent episode of the series, we finally got to see both Luke and Kate open up and it was painful to watch.

After several days of awkwardness, Kate finally confronted Luke about why he hadn’t kissed her. Luke was about as into that conversation as he is into his new wife — which is not at all! He has been trying to “take things slow” but is this a slow train going nowhere?

After their incredibly awkward honeymoon conversation, Luke finally did kiss Kate. Feeling the pressure to put in more effort, he went in for a lip lock later that night but it didn’t go well at all.

In fact, mid-kiss, Luke had to get up and leave the room. Later, he told Kate that when he kissed her, he had to stop because the kiss made him feel “repulsed” and “dead inside.” That’s rough!

Should we give Luke Cuccurullo credit for being honest? Or is that a little too honest?

In any case, after Luke and Kate’s terrible kiss, Married at First Sight fans have a lot of questions, with some suggesting that Luke may, in fact, be gay. After all, Kate is absolutely beautiful and it’s not really clear how anyone could kiss her and feel “dead inside.”

It turns out that Luke’s situation isn’t that sinister. He’s not a gay man trying to marry a woman at all. The issue Luke is having is something that was hit upon during the very first episode of this season — she’s not his type at all!

On the season premiere, where fans saw the relationship experts interviewing potential marriage partners, Luke talked about what type of women he has dated in the past.

Luke told Pastor Cal that he has previously dated a Brazilian woman, a biracial woman and a few other ethnic women. He likes women with darker features and brunette hair.

Kate couldn’t be any more opposite. While there’s no doubt that she is beautiful, she’s also a fair-skinned blonde and Luke just isn’t into her.

The experts have commented in recent episodes that they set up Luke and Kate knowing that they weren’t the type of person that the other is used to dating. They saw something else in them that they thought would make them a great couple.

Sadly, Luke and Kate’s love of family and other qualities that make them a great match just aren’t adding up to sexual chemistry as far as Luke is concerned.

While he does look like a giant jerk for telling Kate that he felt “repulsed” by their kiss, he’s actually been very thoughtful and respectful of her feelings throughout this process. Keep in mind that he didn’t want to kiss her and when he did, he was honest about it all.

Not only that but Kate shared on the aftershow that Luke actually cried when he talked to her about it because he felt so bad!

There’s no telling if things will turn around for Luke and Kate on Married at First Sight. When he appeared on the aftershow, he was hopeful and made it clear that he wasn’t giving up.

So it’s safe to say that Luke from Married at First Sight is not gay. Hopefully, for Kate’s sake, he’ll come around and, if not, he’ll most certainly be honest about it.

That still hasn’t stopped the speculation about Luke’s sexuality, and Twitter was lit up with suggestions that Luke doesn’t like kissing Kate because he isn’t into women at all.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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