Is James Spader leaving The Blacklist?

James Spader as Raymond 'Red' Reddington on The Blacklist
With Red’s freedom on the line, many wonder if he’ll return to The Blacklist for Season 7. Pic credit: NBC

James Spader has played the central role of Raymond “Red” Reddington for five seasons on The Blacklist but is the star of the show set to leave? That’s the biggest question after the latest episode of The Blacklist Season 6 titled Bastien Moreau.

With Red looking at life behind bars, many fans of The Blacklist can’t imagine how James Spader will be able to continue in the role or if he’s getting ready to move on to other projects.

In the latest episode, Red Reddington continues to deal with the possibility of life behind bars as Liz and the task force continue to work to prove his innocence and get him out of jail.

Bastien Moreau concludes next week and a sneak peek for the upcoming episode of The Blacklist teases a possible end for Red, which is likely why so many viewers want to know if James Spader is leaving the show.

According to Deadline, The Blacklist has already been renewed for Season 7. They also revealed that James Spader will be back, making it look like Red will not be given a death sentence and very likely will no longer be behind bars either.

James Spader renegotiated his deal to return for The Blacklist Season 7 before any of the other cast members. So far, other core cast members Megan Boone, Diego Klatenhoff and Harry Lennix have also signed on to return for Season 7.

The Blacklist airs on Fridays at 9/8c on NBC. 

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