Is Harry Potter coming to Netflix?

Harry Potter Netflix rumor
Daniel Radcliffe stars as Harry James Potter in all eight films. Pic credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

You may have heard a rumor that all the Harry Potter movies are making their way to your Netflix screen. In a similar fashion to the recent Hannah Montana rumor, many Hogwarts fans claimed that the series is coming to Netflix in November with no proof.  

Unfortunately, the fantasy world of Hogwarts will not be available on Netflix US, or in the UK.

However, it appears it will be available in France and Belgium. Netflix France and Belgium released a trailer promoting all eight of the Harry Potter movies appearing on the streaming services.  

Due to licensing restrictions, movies such as the Harry Potter series are available in some countries and not others. Each region has a different selection of TV series and movies. You will notice your selection vary if you travel.  

No other online streaming services have the Harry Potter films. However, Syfy has licensing rights and aired the movies this summer.  

As Netflix increases its focus on original content, it is very unlikely that the Harry Potter franchise will appear on Netflix US. In the UK, Harry Potter will likely air on Sky or NowTV service.  

You can follow the See What’s Next Netflix Twitter account to keep up to date with series and movies coming to the online streaming platform. 

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