Is Ghost dead? Power Season 6 finale leaves viewers with questions after major cliffhanger

James St Patrick aka Ghost shot in the final moments of the Power Season 6 midseason finale
Is Ghost dead? Starz viewers want to know if James St. Patrick could have survived that shot and fall. Pic credit: Starz

Is Ghost dead? After getting shot in the Season 6 midseason finale, Power viewers have so many questions.

Many want to know who shot James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, just as things were finally turning around, and he was about to live his best life. But the easier question to answer is whether or not that bullet killed him.

And while there hasn’t been any confirmation about whether or not James was able to survive getting shot right in the chest, as we saw as he fell from the balcony, it’s safe to say he is dead and here’s why.

James St. Patrick took a bullet straight to his heart, just like the love of his life, Angela Valdez. It was poetic, and as he fell from the balcony of his club in slow motion, it neatly tied together the midseason finale, which spent quite a bit of time allowing James to confront everyone he had a beef with, whether they were alive or dead.

On top of more than an hour of foreshadowing on this episode alone, there is St. Patrick’s actual injury. He was shot in the chest, likely in his heart, and fell backward off the balcony of his club. It’s not a short fall, and either the fall or the bullet should have killed him.

Combine the two, and it looks like we’re getting Angela’s ending all over again. Expect the midseason premiere of Power to pick right back up and confirm that Ghost is dead. If he did manage to survive, it would be a miracle.

Also, expect the remaining episodes, or at least a good part of them, to be all about who killed Ghost. Those left behind all had the motive to want him gone. The only one headed his way that is not the killer (at least based on what we’ve seen thus far) would be Detective Blanca Rodriguez.

As Blanca pulled up with an arrest warrant in hand, likely for Saxe and not Ghost, her jaw drops, and we see Jamie falling from the balcony with a shot to his chest. And with so many headed in his direction, there’s no telling who she might see at or near the scene of the crime.

Power returns Sunday, January 5 at 8/7c on Starz. 

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