Is Garrett Moore leaving Blue Bloods? What is Gregory Jbara’s future on the show?

Gregory Jbara plays Garrett Moore on Blue Bloods
Is Gregory Jbara leaving Blue Bloods? Pic credit: AMO Productions/YouTube

Last week’s episode of Blue Bloods, titled Friend in High Places, left questions unanswered about the fate of Garrett Moore, played by Gregory Jbara.

Viewers were concerned that the new mayor, Peter Chase, could push for changes that lead to the exit of NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Garrett Moore. He is also Police Commissioner Frank Reagan’s Chief of Staff.

In a preview of this week’s episode of the show (see below), Mayor-Elect Peter Chase appears to have demanded that Frank let Garrett go. But Frank won’t be happy about losing his trusted adviser.


According to a synopsis for Blue Bloods Season 10, Episode 9:

“While working a case of a nanny accused of abuse, Erin disagrees with the psychiatric consultant, Dr. Alice Dornan (Jennifer Bowles), regarding her diagnosis and punishment suggestion. Also, Eddie confronts her boss who has a personal vendetta against the commissioner and the Reagan family name; Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh) pushes Frank to make staffing changes he is skeptical about; and Danny goes undercover on a case when a woman claims to have heard someone plotting a murder.”

Based on the preview video and the synopsis, fans have been wondering whether Frank would cave in to pressure from the new mayor and replace Garrett. Garrett’s exit would also mean the exit of the actor Gregory Jbara, but fans want to see more of the actor and his character and are hoping that Frank will resist pressure from the new mayor to replace Garrett.


Resistance from Frank could lead to a major clash between him and the mayor.

The relationship between Garrett, a former reporter, and Frank, has been ambivalent. The two men have disagreed over numerous issues, but Frank values Garrett’s opinion and perspectives.

However, this is not the first time that there have been fears that Garrett, and consequently actor Gregory Jbara, could be leaving the show. Back in 2015, it appeared that Frank might lose his right-hand man after Garrett got a job offer with a higher salary at a university.

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