Is Faith leaving When Calls the Heart?

Andrea Brooks as Faith Carter on When Calls the Heart
Faith Carter on When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: Instagram/@andreakbrooks

When Calls the Heart has had a rough season this year. Losing Lori Loughlin was a huge loss for the show — in casting and material.

Although this season isn’t as packed with story as some fans would like, they are doing the best they can given the unfortunate circumstances with Loughlin.

However, Loughlin may not be the only star leaving the show this season. Actress Andrea Brooks has a very busy schedule, which has many fans believing Faith Carter may be leaving Hope Valley.

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Faith Carter leaving Hope Valley

This week’s episode of When Calls the Heart revealed Faith Carter would take some time away from Hope Valley this season.

In the spirit of being a nurse, Faith is leaving Hope Valley to take care of her father who has become ill. Although it’s very fitting for her role, fans are hoping she won’t be gone forever.

She may not return quickly, but it would be a shame for Faith to leave permanently now that she and Carson finally have a relationship.

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This isn’t the first time fans watched characters leave Hope Valley for long periods of time. Constable Jack left Hope Valley for sometime before he eventually left the show.

While there’s no final word on whether Faith will be back in Hope Valley this season or not, fans can keep an eye out for Andrea Brooks’ roles in other popular television shows.

Faith Carter’s rocky start in Hope Valley

When Faith Carter first arrived in Hope Valley, she arrived to take care of an injured Lee Coulter. At the time, she only knew Jack Thornton.

Faith was supposed to marry a man who wanted her to stay home, but she called off their marriage to stay in Hope Valley and tend to the townspeople. Eventually, Faith Carter convinced Carson Shepherd to stay in town as the new town doctor.

Although Faith and Carson’s romance has been a slow romance to blossom, the two make a good pair. However, Carson Shepherd also makes a very good bachelor in Hope Valley.

Will Faith return to Hope Valley and keep their relationship strong? Or is it time for the two to go their separate ways? No official announcements have been made yet, but fans are anxiously waiting to find out.

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays at 9/8c on the Hallmark Channel.

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