Is Emilia Bechrakis pregnant? Rumors Ryan Serhant’s wife could be expecting

Emilia Bechrakis MDLNY
Emilia Bechrakis and her husband Ryan Serhant could be expecting their first child. Pic credit: @ryanserhant/Instagram

Emilia Bechrakis carried a box and handed it to her husband, Ryan Serhant, during last night’s finale of Million Dollar Listing: New York.

Emilia and Ryan had talked about their future throughout the season, including a desire to start a family. The two had tried to get pregnant but nothing was happening and they discussed trying IVF.

When Greek attorney Emilia handed Ryan the box on the season finale, many thought it was going to be a positive pregnancy test.

Instead, it was Ryan Serhant’s new book, which will be released shortly. When Million Dollar Listing: New York ended, Emilia wasn’t pregnant. However, there are plenty of rumors that Emilia Bechrakis may be pregnant now.

She and Ryan recently spent time in Greece on vacation, and in the pictures Emilia never appears to be showing her stomach, and is often wearing long, flowing clothing.

In addition, Ryan posted a photo on Instagram of the two of them alongside a cryptic message.

In it he revealed that he hadn’t been posting much from the trip because they were trying to enjoy it as much as possible as the trip was an “important one”.

In Instagram Live videos that Ryan has shared with fans, Emilia was also seen stroking her stomach.

Whether Emilia Bechrakis is pregnant is yet to be confirmed. If she is, she could well still be in the early stages — or saving the news for Million Dollar Listing: New York viewers.

There’s also obviously the chance that she ISN’T pregnant, but Greece would be a fitting place to travel to to celebrate if she was.

On the Million Dollar Listing New York finale, Ryan asked Emilia whether, if they had a son, they could call him Socrates — after the Greek philosopher.

“Can we call the first one Socrates? Because Socrates Serhant sounds awesome,” he said.

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