Is Blue Bloods new this week? When do new episodes return?

Tom Selleck sitting with his family in Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck sitting with his family in Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

The Reagans are taking a needed break this week. 

While Season 12 of Blue Bloods has just begun, the series will already be taking a break from new episodes this Friday before returning on November 5th. 

While fans may be annoyed at the brief break, it does indicate some good drama coming when the show returns in November. 

Blue Bloods has been pushing new drama in Season 12

It can be annoying for a TV show to begin a brand-new season only to go into reruns quickly. However, it is a tradition for shows to start in September, then take a break in late October before the important November sweeps period. 

What makes it different for Blue Bloods is that they began their season later on October 1st and so have only run four episodes so far in this season. Yet it’s likely CBS thought it easier to take this one-week break before the November sweeps period.

So far, Season 12 has been pushing a lot of drama on multiple fronts. The biggest is Frank (Tom Selleck) having conflict with Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh) over the NYPD not doing enough to make New York look good. 

Frank has argued he can’t do that without resources and the conflict growing to the point the Mayor wanted Frank to resign. 

Meanwhile, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) has been clashing with her D.A. boss Crawford (Roslyn Ruff), which has Erin considering running for District Attorney herself.

The latest episode had a new development as Eddie (Vanessa Ray) was stunned when her partner Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten) quit, unable to deal with the backlash against police officers.

This was due to Patten returning to her role in the Broadway musical Jagged Little Pill. The actress posted a warm message on her social media page thanking the cast for their experience.

What to expect when Blue Bloods returns?

So far, all that’s known about Season 12, Episode 5 is the title, Good Intentions. Given the series, it’s likely that this plays on the classic line of how “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

One plotline will probably focus on Eddie, as she now needs a new partner. This might play into a subplot introduced in Episode 3 where Eddie was studying for the sergeant’s exam.

Besides handling the mayor, Frank has always had issues involving Baker (Abigail Hawk’s) cop husband getting into trouble, with Baker admitting some strain in their marriage. 

Erin is still considering a run for D.A. but has not decided yet as she knows the political implications of the police commissioner’s daughter running for the top law spot in the city. 

The show will no doubt continue to do some hard-hitting drama, big investigations, and of course, those Reagan family dinners to tie it all together as Season 12 will make up for the brief break with the storytelling that’s made Blue Bloods so loved.

Blue Bloods Season 12 returns Friday, November 5 at 10/9c on CBS.

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