Is Bethenny Frankel filming The Real Housewives Of New York?

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has been spotted filming The Real Housewives of New York for the new season. Pic credit: Bravo

Bethenny Frankel once said that she would never stop filming The Real Housewives of New York and joked she would be laid to rest in the cemetery for housewives. Even though Frankel took a break from the franchise to get divorced, she’s back, and she hinted that nothing was going to make her leave the show again.

But then, on August 10, Dennis Shields died suddenly. He was found dead at his Trump Tower apartment after what appeared to be an accidental overdose of prescription pain medication. While Bethenny said nothing, fans wondered if she was going to return to television. The good news is that she’s back in front of the camera, filming the newest season of the show. She was spotted out with some of her co-stars for dinner in the Hamptons.

Production has started earlier than usual, possibly to capture the raw emotions of Frankel’s loss. It’s also possible that something is happening behind the scenes that viewers know nothing about. It’s previously been reported that the ladies caused some drama at New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

For a few weeks, fans wondered whether Bethenny would even come back to the show. Could losing a loved one be enough for Frankel to exit the successful franchise, or will she fight through her grief, knowing that she has friends on the show who will be there for her?

US Weekly confirmed that Bethenny’s contract is a bit more detailed than her co-stars, so it takes a bit longer to put together. But, the bottom line is that she signed on and has already filmed.

The Real Housewives of New York is set to return in Spring 2019.

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