Is a pregnant Rosita going to die on The Walking Dead or will the TV show switch up what happens at The Fair?

Is a pregnant Rosita going to die on The Walking Dead or will the TV show switch up what happens at The Fair?
Is Rosita pregnant on The Walking Dead. Pic credit:: Gene Page/AMC

At first, fans asked if Rosita was pregnant on The Walking Dead and now a new question has arisen as The Fair grows close. Will a pregnant Rosita die on The Walking Dead?

There is a reason for these questions.

Spoilers from The Walking Dead comics follow.

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Is Rosita pregnant on The Walking Dead?

When Christian Serratos, the actress who plays Rosita on The Walking Dead, became pregnant, it was like life copying fiction.

See, in The Walking Dead comic books, Rosita became pregnant as well. However, while that was exciting for the actress, the character in the comics faced a dark fate.

The Walking Dead television show has followed the Rosita storyline almost to the dot.

In the comics, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) loved Rosita, but she did not love him back. However, she ended up pregnant by a mystery man. In the comics, she told Eugene that the man was  Siddiq (Avi Nash) but never told Siddiq because she didn’t love him.

The comic books didn’t reveal this until years later, but The Walking Dead TV show has already let fans know.

The one difference is that Eugene promised to help raise the baby as his own in the comics but on TV, Rosita was dating Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam).

Then, The Fair happened.

What happens at The Fair on The Walking Dead?

In The Walking Dead comic books, The Fair is that book’s version of The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones.

Outside of Glenn getting his head bashed in by Negan, The Fair has the most heartbreaking and shocking moments.

As mentioned, SPOILERS FOLLOW from The Walking Dead comic books.

At the fair, Alpha and The Whisperers lodge a sneak attack during the festivities. One by one, they kidnap people from The Fair.

When Rick and company realize people are missing, they go on a search and rescue mission, but they are too late.

When they reach the barrier separating their land from that of The Whisperers, they find pikes in the ground with heads on them — zombified heads of their freshly decapitated friends.

Among these heads are pregnant Rosita and King Ezekiel.

Will Walking Dead change what happens at The Fair?

It is almost certain that The Walking Dead will lose more than one major character during the events of The Fair.

King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) is almost surely going to die in order to help Carol go full psycho on Alpha and company in vengeance for the death of her husband (it was Michonne in the comics).

However, will The Walking Dead kill a pregnant Rosita, especially after making sure not to kill Judith when Lori died in a change from the comics?

The idea right now is that The Walking Dead TV show will save the pregnant Rosita, and allow her to have her baby and maybe take Lori’s place on the series, much like Henry and Judith split the role Carl played in the comics, where he is still alive.

Instead, Katelyn Nacon — the actress who plays Enid — has moved to Los Angeles from Georgia, where The Walking Dead is filmed. Believe it or not, but Enid is one of the longest-tenured cast members on The Walking Dead, so theoretically, her loss could be just as tough as Rosita’s, without the horror of the murder of an unborn baby.

While The Walking Dead had its own Red Wedding, it is not Game of Thrones when it comes to overblown acts of horrific violence.

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