Iron Fist canceled by Netflix, cast members thank fans of Marvel show

Finn Jones as the Iron Fist on the Marvel Netflix show
Finn Jones as the Iron Fist on the Marvel Netflix show. Pic credit: Netflix

Iron Fist has been canceled by Netflix. After two seasons on the streaming network, Iron Fist will no longer serve as a standalone show.

On one hand, it’s not too surprising that the Marvel series got canceled. The show wasn’t well-received by critics and a number of Marvel fans have been vocal about their dislike on social media.

Still, there were definitely viewers who were tuning in to find out what might happen next for Danny Rand, who has been played by Finn Jones for several years. Jones also appeared on the first season of The Defenders for Netflix, which also failed to impress critics.

Iron Fist cast gives thanks to the viewers

Actress Jessica Henwick, who played Colleen Wing on the show, shared several videos on social media after the news came out. The one below is from the filming of Iron Fist Season 1.

There has also been a lot of support from fans getting shared on social media. Included among them are a large contingent of Iron Fist viewers who loved the fact that Finn Jones starred on the show. A number of them didn’t understand why critics didn’t like Jones.

The Iron Fist shall return

Even though Iron Fist has been canceled, the character isn’t getting written off by Netflix or Marvel. This keeps the door open for Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick to return at a later date.

Both characters have appeared on The Defenders and Luke Cage, and they reside in the same city as a number of other Marvel characters. That could make it easy to have him pop up now and again as the other Netflix properties continue with new seasons.

For now, fans will have to enjoy the 23 episodes of Iron Fist that have already been created, as that brings an end to this particular show on Netflix.

Iron Fist has two seasons available for viewing on Netflix. 

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