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Ink Master: Artists make incredible faces from PACKING TAPE

Gian and his incredible art made from packing tape on this week's Ink Master
Gian and his incredible artwork made from packing tape in just five hours on this week’s Ink Master

This week’s Ink Master on Spike produces some of the most jaw-dropping art you’ll see — all made out of nothing but brown packing tape.

The episode sees Team Peck’s members up for elimination in a Flash Challenge set by Dave Navarro where they have to create a textured image on a plexiglass board out of tape.

The challenge is to test their skills at contrast, because when you add different numbers of layers of tape to the plexiglass it creates a darker shade.

This allows some truly incredible images to be produced, despite the artists working under pressure with a time limit of just five hours.

Ryan and her packing-tape face, which got top marks from the guys
Ryan and her captivating packing-tape face, which got top marks from the guys

Almost all of the results are remarkable, and leave team boss Oliver Peck of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, Texas, pretty over the moon.

The two best are easily Ryan Ashley‘s and Gian Karle Cruz’s.

Watch the clip from the episode, titled Sticky Situation, below and see the amazing results the girls and guys come up with.

Also on this week’s Ink Master, the “girls’ alliance” has its fortunes reversed by one of the artists.

Ink Master’s amazing packing tape contrast challenge clip

Ink Master airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Spike.

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