Ink Master: Angels tattoo people with cancer in Dallas challenge

Ink Master: Angels goes to Dallas, one of the competitors at work
Ink Master: Angels is Dallas bound where the competition is sure to be fierce

This week Ink Master: Angels are headed to Dallas where their canvases are all people with colon cancer.

Ejay Bernal
Ejay Bernal is competing in the Dallas challenge and prefers to work in black and grey

The contestants know that they have to go up against one of the Angels but they also know that if they pull it off then they will get a spot on Ink Master Season 10.

Deanna Smith's tattoo work
Deanna Smith is a specialist in color portraits

The tattoo artists based in Dallas are all pretty confident they can beat one of the Angels and win a spot on Ink Master, where they can then compete for the ultimate accolade.

Dominique Ransom's tattoo work
Dominique Ransom likes it bright and blingy!

Find out how they get on with the challenge of facing up against the Angels and of dealing with what is an emotional situation as they work their magic on people who’ve suffered a great deal.

Ink Master: Angels airs Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on Spike.

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