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Ink Drippin on Black Ink Crew Compton: Who is the designer turned tattoo artist?

Ink Drippin on Black Ink Crew Compton
Ink Drippin is just one of the tattoo artists on the cast of Black Ink Crew: Compton. Pic credit: VH1

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew: Compton, the cast went on a trip together in an attempt to bond. And, as most Black Ink bonding experiences go, police were called, and someone went to jail. But as that drama played out, we also got to learn a bit more about the iAMCompton tattoo artist Ink Drippin.

While everyone else has been tangled up in the chaos after Barbie went to jail, Ink Drippin has been getting closer to Alana. And finally, she even let him give her a tattoo. It was nothing fancy, just a simple “222” on her hand, but Ink Drippin was excited for a chance to get a little one-on-one time with her.

Ink Drippin even admitted that Alana has him “a little curious.” It’s pretty clear that the two Black Ink Crew: Compton cast members are feeling each other.

Then, when they got back from the Big Bear trip, Ink Drippin and Alana continued to spend time together. They even went shopping, and it looked like they both had a blast.

And while Ink Drippin hasn’t been getting as much screen time as some of the others like KP and Lemier, viewers still want to know more about him. Here’s what we know.

Though Ink Drippin typically keeps to himself and there’s not a lot of information about him out there, we found out that his real name is Christian Thomas, he’s half Black and half Mexican, and he’s from Compton. He previously said he’s trying not to become a statistic, and a lot of people don’t live past the age of 21 in his city.

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Billion dollar smile I sell myself short if I grin…

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Ink Drippin knew he had talent at a young age. He even explained in a recent interview that he was 7-years-old when, he drew his own shoe design, inspired by a pair of Jordan 1s.

Before becoming a tattoo artist, Ink Drippin even designed clothes. He said he has creativity in his blood, and it doesn’t seem to matter what he’s creating because of his enormous talent. He credits his mom for pushing him to use that talent to become successful.

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Tomorrow I hit TV screens all across the world. Even tho I don’t feel like “I made it” yet because I still have so far to go in my mind, I’m grateful to have made it this far. Not many people from my city make it to they 21st bday, I’m grateful and honored to hopefully inspire a change in our community. I want y’all to know I didn’t change who I am for this show, and didn’t say anything I don’t mean. Y’all gon get the real deal Holyfield and I pray you find my messages and clues I’ve left for y’all along the way. I appreciate my city, my team, my fam, and all my supporters who showed love along the way. To all my fallen soldiers, to the streets, to the system, the marathon continues and I’m gonna make y’all proud. Follow me along this journey and pray for me as I walk in the dark as a light 🙏🏽 love y’all

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He’s only been tattooing for three years, but somehow, he has become one of the most popular cast members of the VH1 series.

Black Ink Crew: Compton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

Shaunee Flowers

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