Inboard M1 from Shark Tank: Where can you buy $1,399 electric skateboard?

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard, which rides and feels like a normal skateboard
The Inboard M1 electric skateboard, which is said to ride and feel like a normal skateboard

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard has already received a lot of hype, but things are about to go into hyperspeed territory for the firm after their appearance on this week’s Shark Tank.

The M1 is the world’s first electric skateboard with motors inside the wheels. It has a 24mph top speed (wear a helmet!) with a range of 7-10 miles on a fully charged battery, so easily enough to move around town for a day.

It has front and rear LED lights and the board weighs 14.5lbs and has swappable batteries so you don’t have to wait for the board to charge to go for a ride — just charge another battery pack and slot it in when you’re ready. Even so, the battery only takes 90 minutes to fully charge — that’s faster than a lot of phones!

What’s more, unlike many other electric skateboards, you can actually ride it properly even when the battery’s flat. And it feels like a normal skateboard, which seems to be the thing that is making the difference with critics and users.

Tycoon Kevin O'Leary tries out the M1 with Inboard's Ryan Evans on Shark Tank
Tycoon Kevin O’Leary tries out the M1 with Inboard’s Ryan Evans on Shark Tank

The M1 has receive rave reviews over the past few months with Digital Trends describing it as having an “unparalleled riding experience” , while The Verge said riding it was “a blast”.

They’re obviously not the only ones who think it’ll be a big success, with the firm raising $421,000 — more than four times what they wanted — on a Kickstarter campaign, from 551 backers.

Where to buy the Inboard M1

You can buy the M1 for $1,399 plus shipping (price varies depending on location) through the Inboard website.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 9/8c on ABC.

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