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ID spotlights: Jenae Aragosa was stabbed in spine and her new boyfriend thrown out 5th floor window by ex

Christopher S. Mariconi
Christopher S. Mariconi was murdered by his date’s ex

This episode of Your Worst Nightmare spotlights the murderous attack on Jenae Aragosa by her ex-boyfriend who gravely injured her and killed her new boyfriend.

Nov. 7, 2003, in New York and Trevor Frederick bursts into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and stabbing her, before attacking her new boyfriend and forcing him out the fifth floor window.

Frederick had dated 24-year-old Aragosa for around a year but by all accounts it was an abusive relationship with Frederick have punched and choked his girlfriend before stalking her.

When Argosa met 23-year-old Christopher Mariconi at a club she told him that she had quite a crazy ex-boyfriend, but little did she know it would have fatal consequences.

26-year-old Frederick stabbed Mariconi as he tried to protect Aragosa and then forced him out the window, where he fell to his death. Aragosa was left with a spinal injury and although she managed to defy her diagnosis and walk again, she was left with no feeling in two of her limbs.

At the trial it emerged that Frederick had threatened Aragosa just days before the attack, leaving a message saying: “You’re going to die in seven days. I hate you, I really hate you.”

In 2007 Frederick was sentenced to 25-years to life for killing Mariconi, adding to the 30 years he was given for stabbing Aragosa.

Your Worst Nightmare airs at 7:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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