‘I was ready to die’: Buddy Bell breaks down over cocaine addiction on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Buddy Bell on My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Buddy Bell talking about his drug addiction and, inset, breaking down on camera

Buddy Bell breaks down over his cocaine addiction on this week’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, saying: “I was ready to die an addict.”

The reality star entered rehab last year after his drug problem spun out of control. His parents revealed on the show that his stay at the treatment center was scheduled to last for six weeks, including two days in detox by himself.

This week’s episode sees co-star Whitney Thore and Buddy’s on-off girlfriend Heather visit him at the rehab clinic, seeing him sober for the first time in almost a year.

Buddy then recalls his battle with drugs in an interview with producers, telling them: “I was pretty far down that slippery slope. I was ready to die an addict, I just didn’t care.”

Cameras then capture the moment he breaks down in tears, holding his head in his hand.

Earlier this season on My Big Fat Fabulous Life showed how Whitney only found out Buddy was in rehab after she went to tell his parents that he had been missing for several days.

They then informed her that he had gone to the clinic after they gave him some “tough choices” like threatening to cut off his phone, and not allowing him to come and visit them at home.

A treatment center 3.5 hours away from where Buddy lives in Greensboro, NC, was chosen so it would not be easy for him to slip back into relapse.

Whitney said after Buddy’s addiction problems were revealed: “For anyone else who has a friend that is dealing with an addiction, I would not hesitate to intervene.

“It’s such an uncomfortable situation that people don’t want to do it, but I would absolutely intervene and get something done, because addiction is a serious thing and if someone can’t handle it on their own it doesn’t mean that they’re weak — it’s a disease and they need help. If they seek that, you’ll see that a lot of change is possible.”

How is Buddy Bell doing now — is he still in rehab?

We revealed last week how Buddy is now out of rehab and enjoying his new clean life. He also revealed how he has now been “clean and sober (not even a cigarette!)” for more than seven months now.

In a post on Instagram he said: “My secret’s out! I was one week clean in this picture. At the time that seemed like an impossible task and I was obviously still riding that pink cloud. I’ll be 7 months clean and sober (not even a cigarette!) this Friday. Thanks for all the love and support. Thanks Phil, Jeanette, Mom, Dad and all my dearest friends.”

He added: “I’ve met so many great people in recovery. When I was using I didn’t think I would ever be able to live without drugs again. Sobriety is possible if you’re struggling. Go get some help. There’s no shame in it and YOU’RE NOT WEAK! Addiction is serious s***! I love you.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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1 year ago

Dear WHITNEY! So Many Blessings & Prayers for You & your Family on the Loss of BABS! My Heart is Broken for U, My Dear! Hugs from DONNA in Scottsdale, AZ! P.S. Please Keep the Show Going Forward! Love U!

1 year ago

Dear BUDDY! Great Job! Congrats on Sobriety! Keep Up the Positive Steps for a Better Life! U Can Do It ….. WHITNEY Needs U! Hugs, DONNA

3 months ago

Don’t know how or why anyone would watch this show. She is waaaay to into herself I feel sorry for her dad and brother. I only watched 1 episode when her dad said DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT so I watched the whole episode and have to watch again next week to see if dad puts her in her place.