Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2019: Watch Jason Bateman ‘The Elevator’ ad in full

Hyundai Super Bowl commercial
Hyundai has a hilarious Super Bowl commercial this year starring none other than Jason Bateman. Pic credit: Hyundai

This year’s 2019 Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai features Jason Bateman as an elevator operator, helping people to their destination.

The commercial begins with a couple that steps onto the elevator and being greeted by Bateman who asks them where they are going.

When the couple tells him that they are car shopping, he tells them that they are going down – way down. As it turns out, there are many stops on the way to car shoppers, including a root canal stop.

All of the stops are some of the more dreadful experiences we go through, and car shopping is sadly on that list — similar to Dante’s Inferno — but with shopping experiences.

The patient steps off the elevator to the dentist, who is holding up an Xray with the words that this is a bad case.

The next stop is jury duty, and when the man selected for jury duty steps off the elevator, Bateman reminds the man that the person in question is innocent until proven guilty. Before he can finish his sentence, the accused gets up, looking rather angry.

Bateman turns to the people in the elevator, claiming that he’s clearly guilty of whatever he’s being accused of.

Another dreadful stop includes a six-hour flight with sick passengers and one person having to sit in the middle seat.

“The Talk” is one of more cringeworthy stops on the elevator tour, as a son steps off the elevator and his dad is sitting, waiting for him, so they can have the sex talk.

In a more hilarious stop, there’s a vegan dinner party where the hosts are serving meatloaf.

Finally, the car shopping stop arrives and the elevator passengers see a boring car lot with used cars, a salesman who is kicking something on the ground — well, basically everything you dislike about a used car sales lot.

That’s when the passengers tell Jason Bateman that they are at the wrong stop as they used Shopper Assurance and they need to go to Hyundai’s stop. Bateman changes directions, telling them that it is time to go up.

Hyundai’s Shopper Assurance offers transparent pricing, a streamlined purchase, a three-day worry-free exchange, and test drives that come to you.

That’s when another passanger tries to get off the elevator, but Bateman pulls him back in, calling him Captain Colon.

The Super Bowl airs February 3 at 6:30/5:30c on CBS.

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