Hyperdrive prize money: How much do the winners get?

Unknown driver on top of race car in Netflix's Hyperdrive
What is the Hyperdrive prize money? Pic credit: Netflix

Reality competition shows are a dime a dozen and can often feel repetitive in structure. Thankfully, Netflix put their thinking caps on and decided to throw the genre into overdrive.

The show Hyperdrive is inventive and nail-biting, combining elements of American Ninja Warrior and giving them a Fast and Furious facelift. And between its inspired location and emotional moments with contestants, it’s a must-watch for anyone who loves racing.

Those who are watching might be curious about what exactly the winner gets if they survive all the knockout rounds and the finals. Well, here is what to know about what happens if a contestant wins Hyperdrive and whether the champion wins prize money.

How do you win Hyperdrive?

The contest begins with 28 contestants and with each round, those who are competing get put through an obstacle course where they have to fight for the best time. To make things even more difficult, some of the obstacles have barriers and rules that can cause the driver penalties in the form of time added.

Each obstacle requires the driver to use a different set of skills at every turn, such as speed, drifting, control, and timing. And one of the hardest parts of the entire course is called The Leveler, which is a bridge that drivers have to balance for 10 seconds like a see-saw without movement. And as the season pushes forward, the harder this obstacle becomes as the weight distribution becomes lighter.

Each round, all the contestants compete for the best time and those who are the slowest either become eliminated or have to face-off for the bottom slot to race in the next qualifying round until six competitors race in the finals.

How to become a contestant on Hyperdrive?

At the moment it doesn’t seem like there is an online application or e-mail to be on Hyperdrive. But according to a story from one of the contestants, a producer typically reaches out to reputable underground racers who might be willing to join the show.

Speaking to VinWiki, Omar Salaymeh spoke about his experience of getting recruited as a competitor for Hyperdrive. In the interview he explains the process saying:

“In May of 2017, I got an email on my Instagram from a producer on Netflix and they were like ‘Hey, are you interested in doing a really cool car show?’ And I have no clue if this is real or not. So I’m just sitting there trying to Google who this person is. And I’m like, ‘They really do work for Netflix!’ so I kind of said, ‘I’m definitely interested’ and they asked me to make an audition video.”

So, in summary, those who have strong reputations in the world of racing, Netflix will eventually find you — Liam Neeson-style, but without the murder.

That said, before undertaking the race, Salaymeh’s interview is a cautionary tale and worth watching for those who want to participate.

Due to his lack of being prepared and the fact he exaggerated his racing skills, the experience of competing on Hyperdrive cost him $40,000 total — and he did not even win. So, it’s good to be honest about racing capabilities before embarking on the Hyperdrive quest.

What is the Hyperdrive prize money?

Unfortunately, whoever wins all the knockout rounds of Hyperdrive does not win a cash prize. The winner is instead presented with the Hyperdrive Trophy at the very end of the contest.

But it seems like most of the racers are mainly in it for awareness and recognition. Ain’t no doubt about it, Hyperdrive will be a launching pad for many of the competitors on the show. Even YouTube stars like Brittany Williams are getting more attention since the series hit Netflix. That alone is more valuable than any dollar amount.

Hyperdrive is streaming on Netflix now.

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