Husband unleashes dangerous paranormal forces when he obsesses over shocking videotapes on Evil Things

Evil Things
Evil Things features some disturbing videos in an attic and survivor haunted by dark visions

This week on Evil Things, a man inadvertently strange forces after he discovers some video footage in his attic.

A husband becomes increasingly secretive after he find some videos in the attic of his house. They contain some mysterious and shocking footages and he soon becomes obsessed with them. This obsession seems to release a paranormal force and soon he and others are in real danger.

In another story a student survives a terrible deadly tragedy, but Final Destination style, they begin to have terrifying visions.

The series recounts allegedly real experiences people have had with the paranormal. Each of the incidents is tied to an object, usually something fairly innocuous, that has dark power. These objects seem to be possessed or cursed and all cause very disturbing paranormal activity.

Evil Things airs Fridays at 10:00 PM on TLC.

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