Hunters become the hunted as Tom defends against the wolf pack on Mountain Men

A wolf in the snowy forest looks towards the camera
Two predators clash as Tom comes up against a wolf pack on Mountain Men

This week on Mountain Men, Tom has to think about how to defend against one of the local wolf packs as man and animal come into conflict.

Whenever people expand into wild areas there is some inevitable conflict with animals living there. In the past this has led to the wiping out of many of the larger species and sometimes their complete extinction. In countries like Scotland there are no wolves, bears or lynx, with these species being wiped out by man hundreds of years ago.

Even in parts of the U.S. wolves were a rare sight until packs from Canada began to move back down and take up their old territories.

However, this welcome recovery of some keystone species can also cause conflict and in this case Tom thinks the pack are just a little to close to his home. He decides to take action and goes to grab some traps, but just how easy is it to trap a wolf?

Meantime, Eustace is wondering if he can turn some of the trash lying around into something more valuable. Recycling is a way of life when you life out in the wilds but if you can also make some cash doing it, well that’s a win win.

Later on this episode Jason is on a bit of a mission to get food for his family, there are no food banks or cheap stores out in this neck of the woods!

Mountain Men airs on Thursdays at 9:00 PM on History Channel.

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