Howie Salomon on The Outsider: Bill Camp plays the attorney defending an accused murderer

Howie Gold on The Outsider: Bill Camp plays the attorney defending an accused murderer
Bill Camp is Howie Salomon on The Outsider. Pic credit: HBO

On The Outsider tonight on HBO, a little league baseball coach was arrested for the murder and mutilation of a young child.

However, the coach had an airtight alibi proving his innocence, despite the fact the police had airtight evidence he was guilty. The coach (played by Jason Bateman) had his wife call their family attorney for help.

That attorney was Howie Salomon, played by veteran actor Bill Camp.

Who is Howie Salomon on The Outsider?

Howie Salomon was the family attorney and friend of accused murderer Terry Maitland and his wife Glory (Julianne Nicholson).

He immediately gave them instructions not to talk to anyone without him present, and that was only broken twice. Once, Det. Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn) went to prison for a private conversation when he thought Terry might be innocent.

The second time came when he went to talk to Glory, and she refused to give him help on the case.

However, Howie Salomon proved to be the perfect attorney for Terry, even though tragedy struck again.

Who is Bill Camp on The Outsider?

Bill Camp portrayed Howie Salomon on The Outsider on HBO.

Camp is a veteran actor who has been working since 1989 and has appeared in some huge, critically acclaimed movies over the years.

For TV fans, he starred as Dennis Box in the HBO series The Night Of. He also had a role in the Glenn Close FX series Damages.

However, most of Camp’s work came with movies, and he has been in some huge films. He was Det. Garrity in The Joker and Alfonso Coretti in The Kitchen, both in 2019.

He had roles in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, and Michael Mann’s Public Enemies.

The first two episodes of The Outsider aired on Jan. 12 on HBO and subsequent episodes will air every Sunday at 10/9c.

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