How old is Winston Hines on Love Island USA?

What is Love Island USA's Winston Hines real age?
Winstone Hines on Love Island USA is nearing age 30 will he find love in the villa? Pic Credit: CBS

Winston Hines finally has a love match but could their age difference doom his new romance before it even starts.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Love Island USA, Marli chose single Winston to be her beach date. It is the first time one of the ladies has truly shown interest in him since his arrival in the villa.

Winston and Marli’s date was going pretty good until he revealed his age. The Big Brother alum is 29-years-old, while the blonde beauty is only 20-years-old. Nine years is a significant age difference, especially at their various stages in life.

She insists she is on Love Island USA to find the one and settle down. He was clear he is ready to find love, as well as start a family. On the surface, the two appear to want the same thing.

Marli continued to ask him questions about his family and life in Kentucky. Winston happily supplied her with answers.

Despite the age difference, the two did appear to have a spark. However, when Winston referenced his family as every “Luke Bryan song,” she stunned him by saying, “I don’t know who that is.”

Not only was Winston was shocked by her response, but social media was too. Marli’s answer has fans questioning if she doesn’t know Luke Bryan because of her age or rather because she lives in Miami.

The Florida city is not exactly known for a hotbed of country music.

Only time will tell if the almost 10-year age difference will impact Marli and Winston’s romance. Of course, depending on how America voted last night, she may not be around much longer.

One new guy and girl will be sent packing on tonight’s episode.

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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