How old is Roccstar from Love & Hip Hop?

Roccstar on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
Roccstar is the breakout star on Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Pic credit: VH1

When Roccstar hit our TV screens on Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, many viewers didn’t know what to think. After a full season of antics, he’s quickly become a fan favorite and someone that viewers want to know a lot more about.

Monsters & Critics already shared a Roccstar bio, listing the musical acts that he has worked with and even spoiling a bit of the current season’s plot at the time, but it seems that LHHH fans want to know more, particularly about the specifics.

There have even been quite a few questions about the producer’s age. It turns out that Leon “Roccstar” Youngblood Jr. just had a birthday. He was a Halloween baby, having been born on October 31, 1989. That makes the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood breakout star 29 years old at the time of writing.

Since Roccstar’s birthday was so recent, we took a look at his social media to see how he celebrated. Despite his lack of Instagram posts, we struck gold.

It looks like Roccstar spent his 29th birthday giving thanks for everything that he’s worked so hard to build.

Of course, any heartfelt message from Roccstar just wouldn’t be complete without his over-the-top personality mixed in a bit. Make sure to hit play on the video to hear the Love & Hip Hop star marvel at just how great he’s done for himself.

Part two of the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 5 reunion airs on Monday at 8/7c on VH1, and Monsters and Critics will be covering it live. 

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