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How many episodes are there in The Boys Season 2?

Homelander in The Boys
Antony Starr plays the role of Homelander, leader of the Seven, in The Boys. Pic credit: Amazon Prime

Season 2 of Amazon’s action-packed take on the super-hero genre, The Boys, has tragically come to an end after an amazingly entertaining season.

The show, which takes a satirical swipe at superhero movies and shows, has, by all accounts, been a massive success. When Season 1 dropped, it was one of Amazon’s most-watched original shows, ever.

And it’s now been reported that Season 2 has enjoyed even greater success, with the number of viewers actually doubling this time around. It really lived up to expectations.

If you’ve not seen the show, then it’s best described by Amazon, who say The Boys portrays what happens when superheroes are “as popular as celebrities,” and as “influential as politicians and as revered as Gods,” but, unfortunately, they “abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good.”

Actually, the results are a hilariously, action-packed, adrenalin-fueled, and profanity-laced show that ticks all the boxes in high-level entertainment.

So, just how many episodes in The Boys season 2?

Just like the first season, the producers have given us eight glorious episodes. This number is easily bingeable over the weekend and will leave you wanting more. There had better be a Season 3, quick!

Of course, Amazon likes a good tease, so in a change from last season, they decided not to release all the episodes at one go. They released the first three episodes on September 4. The remaining five were released at one-week intervals every Friday.

This tactic didn’t please everyone; some fans complained that after waiting a whole year for the new series, they deserved the right to be able to binge-watch it.

One angry fan took to the Amazon review section to write: “This isn’t Television; this is the INTERNET where the entire season is released for you to binge-watch at your own pleasure. It doesn’t work like this, Amazon I pay for a service you are not delivering.”

However, they did give us a treat and a nice surprise by releasing the season finale a day early, which means it’s available right now!

The staggered release meant many fans were also hopeful they might create more episodes this season. However, unless Amazon is planning a massive out of season April fool’s joke, then, unfortunately, that’s all, folks.

When is The Boys season 3?

Unsurprisingly, when the viewing figures are taken into account, Season 3 of The Boys was greenlit. In fact, it was renewed before the current second series started airing.

Producer Seth Rogen told fans at San Diego Comic-Con, “because this show has fans and it is watched by people like you, they have decided to renew it. So, if you like The Boys, you’ve got more of it. Thank God.”

Unfortunately, a release date has not been announced, and with the current complications caused by COVID-19 around TV production, it’s almost impossible to predict a release date.

However, a late 2021 or mid-2022 release date might be a possibility.

Season 2 of The Boys is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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