How long is Love Island USA going to be on?

Love Island USA finale is Wednesday August 7th.
There are only four episodes left of Love Island USA. Pic Credit: CBS

On last night’s episode of Love Island USA, host Arielle Vandenberg let the islanders know their time in the Fiji villas is almost over.

As she prepared to clue them in on which couple would go home next, Vandenberg admitted there would be no more newcomers. She told the islanders the current six couples are the final duos for the current season.

Arielle made it clear the reality TV show is almost over, but when does it end? Next Wednesday, August 7, is the final episode of Love Island USA Season 1. One loving couple will win the coveted cash prize of $100,000.

Yes, sadly there are only four episodes left of the CBS summer show where sexy hot singles search for love. It has been one heck of a debut season for the US version of the UK hit reality TV show.

There are less than a handful of episodes of Love Island USA left. So, what does that mean for the couples?

One duo will be sent packing tonight. America has voted for their least favorite pair. Either Emily and Weston or Yamen and Aissata will say goodbye to the Fiji villa.

Only five couples stay after tonight. Three episodes remain to air next week — the finale, plus two that will no doubt eliminate more islanders.

There has been a slew of twists and turns on Love Island USA. So, fans should be prepared for some curveballs as the finale episodes play out on CBS.

Which duo do you think will walk away with the money? Who do you think found a real love connection on the show?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
3 years ago

Please do not continue this series next season. It is HORRIBLE!