How Far Is Tattoo Far? — Is the MTV series real or fake?

Nicole 'Snooki" Polizzi and Nico Tortorelli on How Far Is Tattoo Far?
Snooki and Nico can’t believe how far some people will go on How Far Is Tattoo Far? Pic credit: MTV

How Far Is Tattoo Far? is back again with more on MTV, and after the shocking premiere week many viewers want to know if the new tattoo show is real or fake.

Some truly jaw-dropping tattoos were revealed in the season opener, like this smelly trash can and the dirty hamster that Angelina Pivarnick chose for her fiance Chris, so it stands to reason that some might think the show is fake — but is it?

So far, all the tattoos that have been dealt out on How Far Is Tattoo Far? have been acts of revenge or an attempt at humor. While that’s great for entertaining viewers, what about those who have to live with a shocking tattoo?

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Well, it turns out that the tattoos on How Far Is Tattoo Far? are, in fact, real. The show even recruited a couple of tattoo artists that many television fans know from another popular tattoo show — Black Ink Crew.

You may have already recognized Melody Mitchell from the VH1 hit, as she’s still starring on the show to this day. In fact, we saw her on it recently when Young Bae hired a new receptionist/body painter. It was Melody who criticized Tokie’s work and commented on making sure that her composition flatters the subject’s body.

There’s also another tattoo artist from Black Ink Crew that some may recognize. Tiffany didn’t last long on the VH1 show after she locked horns with Sky. But it looks like Tiffany has found a new home with How Far Is Tattoo Far? and she’s even the one responsible for that trash can tattoo from the premiere.

According to Tiffany, we haven’t seen anything yet. The tattoos on How Far Is Tattoo Far? are about to get even crazier. After the premiere, we can’t even imagine how that’s possible so we’ll just have to tune in and see.

Even though the tattoos on the show are real, there are options if the tattoo recipient really doesn’t like their ink. They can always get the tattoo removed, but it’s a long and painful process using lasers. There’s also the option of getting a coverup, which some are certain to do if the shocking images we’ve seen so far are anything to go by.

How Far Is Tattoo Far? airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV. 

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