How did Monty die on 13 Reasons Why?

How did Monty die on 13 Reasons Why?
Monty died in season 3 of 13 Reasons Why off screen. Pic credit: David Moir/Netflix

Monty de la Cruz was one of the antagonists on 13 Reasons Why, the popular Netflix original series, and he was a key part of the mystery of Season 3 — the murder of Bryce Walker.

However, things did not end well for Monty.

There are major spoilers that follow for 13 Reasons Why Season 3.

Who is Monty on 13 Reasons Why?

Monty was one of the two cruelest characters in the first season of the show, along with Bryce Walker. He was not one of the 13 reasons from her tapes, but he did as much as anyone to push Hannah Baker to suicide.

In Season 2, Monty started to threaten people during Bryce’s court case. His violent nature increased in this season and it really seemed like he would end up hurting someone bad one day.

Season 2 included the cringeworthy scene where Monty sexually assaulted and sodomized Tyler.

Season 3 delved deeply into Monty’s problems, which included abuse at home by his father. It also showed that his rampant homophobia was masking the fact that he was, in fact, a homosexual himself.


Monty had a relationship with Winston, and while it was abusive as well, it was one of the only times that Monty was shown to have any sort of love or humanity throughout the series.

However, Monty died off-screen in Season 3 and people want to know how.

How did Monty die on 13 Reasons Why?

Ani lied about Monty and based on the fact that he had been arrested legitimately for sexually assaulting Tyler, the kids at the school framed him for killing Bryce — the mystery of Season 3.

Monty did not kill Bryce.

However, Monty did go to prison. Before he left, he told his father that he knows he may get beaten in prison, but at least he won’t be around for his dad to beat him anymore.

When he tells his father he is gay, his dad spits at him. That would mark the end of their relationship.

This is because Monty was right. He would get beaten in prison. However, because he was framed for Bryce’s death, he ended up in prison

While the season never specifically said one way or the other, Winston’s comments when he confronts Ani was that Monty was beaten to death in prison.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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