How did Brandon die on The Chi?

Jason Mitchell on the red carpet
Jason Mitchell was fired from The Chi after Season 2, meaning the show had to kill off Brandon. Pic credit: © Imagecollect.com/ Carrie-nelson

Season 3 of Showtime’s The Chi finally aired on Sunday, June 21, but without its biggest star, Jason Mitchell.

Warning: Spoiler alerts

Due to last year’s firing of Straight Outta Compton star, Jason Mitchell, from the show after allegations of sexual misconduct, the writers had to come up with a way to despatch of Brandon.

So, how did The Chi kill off Brandon?

At this stage, it remains unclear exactly how he died.

Early on in the season premiere, there was a scene that is supposedly Brandon’s funeral. The casket was closed, so we never actually saw a corpse. There was a photo of Brandon (actor Jason Mitchell didn’t make an appearance in the episode).

The show implied that Brandon was murdered on the mean streets of Chicago, just like his brother, Coogie (Jahking Guillory).

Brandon’s mother, Laverne, played by Sonja Sohn, gave an emotional eulogy. She started by asking how many, “mother’s out there had to bury a child. How many had to bury two?”

There was a show of hands from many of the gathered mourners.

“He never had a damn shot! Neither did Coogie!” Laverne says tearfully. “I had no right to bring those boys into the world. [They] were all I had, and this city took ’em from me. So I’m always going to be broken. And there ain’t nothin’ that’s ever going to make me whole again.”

There followed no further explanation as to the circumstances of how he actually died.

Fans reacted negatively to how The Chi killed off Brandon

Some fans have been irritated by the lack of on-screen discussion about Brandon’s death and feel the show could have better explained what happened to the show’s main character.

Tweet criticising The Chi
Pic credit: @TheOGPrinceB/ Twitter

While some fans thought they didn’t have to have him die but could have said he moved away.

Tweet criticising The Chi
Pic credit: @Highguy365/ Twitter

But one fan thought the way the show killed of Brandon was actually quite apt. They wrote: “But it kinda makes sense. He’s just another person murdered. Damn.”

Tweet praising The Chi
Pic credit: @FreeGreeze/ Twitter

Why was Jason Mitchell fired from The Chi?

Jason Mitchell was fired in May 2019 after filming the second season.

He was accused of sexual harassment by his on-screen girlfriend, Tiffany Boone, along with other members of the cast and crew, including showrunner Ayanna Floyd Davis.

His agent and his manager subsequently dropped Mitchell.

Last November, he appeared on The Breakfast Club, where he addressed the allegations by claiming that he was innocent and had done nothing wrong.

The Chi airs Sundays at 10/9c on Showtime.

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Richard Bailey
Richard Bailey
3 years ago

Well it’s a damn gud show to watch and follow up on… Can’t say I’m so much upset as I am puzzled… But it does kind of throw off the flow of the show regarding is unexplained death…

3 years ago

I thought I’d missed something. I rewind the show to see if I actually slept throught it. This was not a good way to terminated his character. They could have done a better job. He was the main character. I really liked his character. They could have been more creative.

A fan
A fan
3 years ago
Reply to  Lene

Agreed. I was confused and kept going back to episodes looking for his demise. They could of done something better.

William Farrar
William Farrar
3 years ago

Brandon was the fish, offered up by Douda to the founder of the 63 st mob in prison.

I have no idea what a fish is in gang language,. But I suspect that it was Douda (Otis Perry) that had him killed. In gangsta stories the killer always shows at the funeral offering respects to the widow.

2 years ago

I think Brandon got shot because he was snitching on Douda/Perry, hanging out in the van with Cruz and the other cop.

There’s also the chance of him going in to witness protection and a fake funeral, but since the actor is a creep, he’s not coming back ever

It sucks also that we lose Jerrica, that was such an interesting dynamic with her always judging Brandon. but her work was also corrupt, and it turned out that housing project was run by Douda

concerned citizen
concerned citizen
9 months ago

brandon was legit the only reason I was watching the show, saw a short of him in the food truck, prompted me to purchase showtime, bummed i am only here for two seasons, and two years late at that.
sexual allegations should always be taken seriously but women and their ability to cancel a man that potentially could have done nothing wrong also needs to be looked at from a different perspective, and taken seriously.
first two seasons were great, genuinely not sticking around, no point.