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House of the Dragon: Episode 4 teases a major spoiler for Rhaenyra Targaryen

Milly Alcock in House of the Dragon Season 1
Milly Alcock stars as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, as seen in Episode 3 of House of the Dragon Season 1. Pic credit: HBO/Ollie Upton

Episode 4 of House of the Dragon was filled to the brim with scandal and intrigue so you may be forgiven for missing a small moment that foreshadowed a major death.

Princess Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) was supposed to be picking out a husband in the latest installment of HBO’s epic fantasy series. However, she found fault with all of them.

Then, her uncle, Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), returned and her father, King Viserys (Paddy Considine), forgave him for that dreadful remark about his dead son in the Season 1 premiere.

The pair then sneaked out of the castle and engaged in some sightseeing of King’s Landing as well as some Targaryen incest. Afterward, Rhaenyra rounded out her day by sleeping with Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel).

Word got out about the secret tryst between Rhaenyra and Daemon and, because of that, Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) got fired as Hand of the King.

But, during Rhaenyra’s sightseeing trip, something happened that foreshadowed the character’s death.

Milly Alcock as Princess Rhaenyra and Matt Smith as Prince Daemon, as seen in Episode 4 of HBO's House of the Dragon Season 1
Milly Alcock as Princess Rhaenyra and Matt Smith as Prince Daemon, as seen in Episode 4 of House of the Dragon Season 1. Pic credit: HBO/Ollie Upton

Rhaenyra and Daemon travel along the Street of Silk

Traveling along the Street of Silk, which is notorious for its vast array of brothels, Rhaenyra takes in all the sights and sounds of the city after dark.

She and Daemon partake in wine as they check out a theater performance that is, basically, a dramatic retelling of her life.

“Who will it be?” a street performer asks in relation to who will take the Iron Throne. “The brother, the daughter, or the princeling of three?”

During this expedition, Rhaenyra is also approached by a medium who asks the princess if she would like to know her future — or, more specifically, her death.

“Would you wish to know your death, child?” the old woman asks.

As pointed out by Den of Geek, directly after that the scene cuts to footage of a stone dragon breathing fire.

While the entire scene may look like just a fanciful way to show what happens on the Street of Silk, it actually just foreshadowed Rhaenyra’s death, according to the book House of the Dragon is based on.

Here’s what happens to Rhaenyra in the book

For those wishing to avoid potential book spoilers for House of the Dragon, please look away now. For everyone else, let’s dive right in.

In Fire and Blood by George R. R. Martin, a massive civil war between the Targaryens will occur after the death of King Viserys.

This will be a result of Rhaenyra being named as heir to the Iron Throne after her father. However, Viserys also bore a son, Aegon II, in his second marriage and many believe that he should rule in place of Rhaenyra.

This battle will rage between Rhaenyra and her half-brother and culminates in her death.

The way in which this happens is that Aegon II manages to capture Rhaenyra at Dragonstone and kills her by having his dragon, Sunfyre, eat her.

So, when the Episode 4 scene showed a fiery dragon after the medium spoke to Rhaenyra, those who have read the book immediately connected the two.

Of course, HBO may decide to shake things up a little and not follow the book as closely so viewers will have to continue watching to find out if this is the fate that truly awaits Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon airs every Sunday night at 9/8c on HBO Max.