Hotels By Day app from Shark Tank: What is it and how does it work? allows you to catch a break at a hotel without booking a room for a whole night allows you to catch a break at a hotel without booking a room for a whole night

This week’s Shark Tank includes a new app called Hotels By Day. But what is it, and how does it work?

Hotels By Day is a revolutionary way of booking hotels. Made with business people in mind, it allows users to book “day rooms” in hotels all over the United States and London, for a fraction of the overnight rate.

The start-up company, based out of NYC, was launched by CEO Yannis Moati in 2015, and has been a proven success so far.

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One of the scenarios featured on their website involves a woman who flies into the city for a couple business meetings that day.

However, she lands at 8am and her first meeting isn’t until 3pm. Is she meant to wait around in a crowded coffee shop all day?

Hotels By Day offers a unique solution. You are able to check-in in the morning, and check-out in the afternoon, fully prepared to be productive.

Okay, this is all cool, but how does it work?

First, you choose between a morning, mid-day, or afternoon stay, and then you pick  a hotel amongst a variety of options.

Next, make your reservation through the mobile site, iOS or Android app. It is as easy as a few simple taps.

Hotels By Day allows you to “book now, pay later” meaning you make the reservation online and don’t pay until you get to the hotel.

The app is well-designed, featuring the ability to sort hotels by location, and sort by rate. It features easy checkout and booking confirmation is sent instantly by email so you can enjoy your time worry-free.

Hotels By Day is currently available in 50 cities and has 450 available hotels and counting.

For more information, check out their website or download their app from the Apple or Android store!

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