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Homestead Rescue new season preview: The Raneys add income-earning element for homesteaders

The Raney clan are back and on Discovery in January! Pic credit: Discovery
The Raney clan is back and on Discovery in January! Pic credit: Discovery

The Raneys are the hottest ticket in homestead help and consultation still. Discovery has announced the launch of their new 2020 season and it promises to be one filled with mother nature drama and man-made hazards. There is even a bit of psychological counseling.

Nothing worthwhile is easy and that goes double for the Raney projects, as homesteading families who wish to live off the grid need experienced help and advice. Each Raney has a unique skill set and will take people from barely getting along to thriving out in the wilderness.

We aren’t sure if it is a direct result of Discovery airing shows like this or that people are genuinely fed up with modern life and all the traffic, bills and high housing costs, but homesteading is more than just a quirky pastime. It’s growing in popularity at an astounding rate, and today, more than ever, people around the country are seeking a simpler life off the grid.

Blame the constant stress and pressures of urban life that have people attached to their cell phones and TV. Successfully homesteading is not a simple endeavor, and, unfortunately, many find themselves – and their physical houses – are in peril and on the edge of destruction.

Thankfully, one family who has real-time experience has made it their business to help these fledgling homesteaders bring their less than optimal houses and structures back to a livable and prospering state.

Discovery also announced “Off The Grid Thursdays” and a new series in a press statement:

“An all-new season of Homestead Rescue premieres Thursday, January 2…Audiences can also catch a special of Homestead Rescue on December 26 at 8 pm ahead of the January premiere. In addition, viewers can catch up on all things homesteading as part of Discovery’s new Off The Grid Thursdays featuring the new series, Reclaimed, at 9pm, and a new season of Building Off The Grid at 10pm beginning on January 9.”

On Homestead Rescue, the work for the Raney family continues, as they head out to some of the most dangerous and isolated areas of the country.

The expert at design and engineering is craftsman and survivalist Marty Raney. He is the main man and has raised his children well. They are all super competent and able to handle anything thrown at them.

Joining him are his kids Misty and Matt — together their strengths are hunting, garden building, interiors and exteriors, and also energy sourcing.

Together they work to help families to save their homes and new-found way of life from total failure. Each person in the family balances the other with their unique sets of skills.

It’s also about the food. The Raneys not only teach homesteading hopefuls the tools they need to survive in the wilderness, but they also teach the many different ways that families can create off-the-grid money making businesses too. That includes gardening and hunting.

The homesteaders sometimes have no clue that their land can net some real income.

This season, they’re adding that income-building element more to the individual segments to show viewers it’s not just about getting away from it all. You can have it all — income, freedom from spending money on things that do not matter anymore, and being more self-sufficient in the long run.

Discovery added a few more details about what’s to come:

“From Missouri to Colorado, Alaska to Hawaii, no homestead is too far gone or dream too far-fetched for the Raneys. Whether it’s helping a single mom realize her dreams for an off-the-grid organic farm in Alaska or rescuing a family homestead insulated with old car tires and recycled materials before Ohio’s notorious storms blow it down, Homestead Rescue spotlights the importance of fighting fire with family. The Raneys know better than most that simple living isn’t always easy.”

This series is full of useful information and tips and tricks to help people who are considering a life more off the beaten path to make the leap of faith. If you need help, the Raneys are just a phone call or e-mail away.

Homestead Rescue airs Thursday, (beginning January 2) at 8/7c on Discovery Channel.

In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can check out new episodes each week by downloading the Discovery GO app.