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Homestead Rescue exclusive: Misty, Matt and Marty build walls and give ‘header hack 101’

Misty Raney explains what her dad Marty is doing as they put up walls for the homesteader. Pic credit: Discovery.
Misty Raney explains what her dad Marty is doing as they put up walls for the homesteader. Pic credit: Discovery.

On tonight’s off the grid Thursday lineup for Discovery Channel, Marty Raney, Misty Raney, and Matt Raney give a master class in putting up a large building with manpower and careful planning.

There is an art to raising a building, and you will learn something after watching our exclusive clip below.

The dangers are real, and in our clip, the patriarch, Marty Raney, shares how dangerous an early framing of a home or structure can be before the walls are properly attached and secured.

It just takes a gust of wind or someone leaning on the wring-thing, and the structure skeleton can collapse on the builders’ heads.

Marty Raney’s wall-building advice:

Marty Raney gives us the details on how to put up walls properly, with safety tips too. Pic credit: Discovery.
Marty Raney gives us the details on how to put up walls properly, with safety tips too. Pic credit: Discovery.

As the clip opens, you can see the entire team involved in putting up the walls to the building that the homesteaders need to house their repair shop.

Hat secured and shirt off, Marty is all business as Matt and Misty are with him as the hard work is real, the temperatures are high, and the strategy is speed and safety first for all at the construction site.

Marty spots some design issues and says: “Yeah, I spotted something that’s going to kill somebody. So we just cut this out, and we cut that out… that means that an entire roof that you’re looking at just riding on that one piece of drill steel, so until we build this wood wall from this concrete slab to the top of that roof? This zone is a 100% danger zone.”

He shows us how he works on the wall and how that action will serve as a brace to stabilize the whole structure and start to resemble a properly framed building.

He adds: “Now you’re looking at one wall in place,  but are we out of the woods? No… three more walls to go up. When you frame a wall and you have a door or a window, you have to put in what’s called a header.  Something bigger and beefier. It just takes more weight because you’re spanning something with glass frankly or a doorway.

“So a quick way, even by yourself, to set a header and have it flush with your framing on top… is to, in advance, measure the thickness. Three two by twelves are four and a half inches thick. Whatever it is, measure down from the top of your wall, put in a couple nails by myself, you just set it in. Come on over…so what those nails do is they catch it and we’re flush.”

Matt Raney chimes in and says: “Header hack 101!”

What is Homestead Rescue?

Last week saw the Raney’s address a homestead infested with pests. The overall premise of Raney’s Homestead Rescue on Discovery sees the family head to Alaska, Virginia, Hawaii, North Carolina, Montana, Oregon, and other states.

Novice homesteaders call on their expert consultancy for help as they try to learn the ropes so they can live life off the grid.

Raney, with his children Misty and Matt, shares their knowledge to prepare the families for potential obstacles and set them up for a successful transition to complete independence.

The decision lies with each homesteading family, will they take the Raney’s advice and make it through their first year or throw in the towel and rejoin the grid dwellers?

Homestead Rescue exclusive preview:

Tonight, after a devastating earthquake, Marty Raney and his family repair and save the Hartleys’ log cabin from disintegrating into the ground.

Meanwhile, Misty uses her expertise and focus to replace a collapsed greenhouse for their food source. Matt constructs a brand new building that is featured in the clip below for the family to start a diesel engine repair shop.

Tune in to see how this building progresses in the joint effort build, and watch how walls are put up:

Homestead Rescue airs Thursday at 8 pm on Discovery Channel.

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