Homestead Rescue back on Discovery: Raney clan tackles a new season in exclusive preview

June on Discovery means that the Raney clan from Homestead Rescue are back!

This fresh new run promises lots of exhilarating builds and vexing curveballs as the family of experts are back to help struggling American homesteaders save their homes from the brink of destruction.

The team will travel to some of the most climatically volatile and desolate areas in the country and take on all that Mother Nature can bat in their direction.

Who are the Raneys?

New fans will get to meet Marty Raney, an expert craftsman, and survivalist who heads up the crew along with his children, daughter Misty and his son Matt.

Marty, Matt and Misty are back on Discovery in their bid to help fellow homesteaders. Pic credit: Discovery
Marty, Matt, and Misty are back on Discovery in their bid to help fellow homesteaders. Pic credit: Discovery

His official title from Discovery is “Homestead Builder, Master Stone Mason, Hunter & Mountain Guide.”

But Raney is pure Alaskan tough and lived and prospered off the grid, on a floating logging camp on Prince of Wales Island.

After getting married and moving his family to Haines, Alaska, his family often lived without power, water, plumbing, or heat. This created the family ethos for thinking around hardship and being ingenious and resourceful.

Simplicity in lifestyle and in design are the backbone of their approach to homesteading and their clever hacks and prevention maneuvers are passed along to people who are like-minded and want a similar path in life.

His children grew up in the family business, and have a natural ease working with the elements, stone, wood and using what is surrounding them to create beautiful homes.

What to expect on Homestead Rescue

The show’s premise is the Raneys’ desire to show these skills they have and offer a way and to help families sharpen their homesteading skills and learn to survive off-the-grid, whether they are in Alaska or Alabama.

The Raney clan collectively dazzle with an artisan lifestyle combined with practicality as they hone and manufacture beautiful cabins, homes, and structures with the basics — all in the spirit and the essence of the homesteading and off-grid construction.

Their work is dotted throughout Alaska and they are well known and respected for their craftsmanship and their work ethic.

As more and more families opt to drop out of the rat race and abandon the pressures of city life and live remotely and sustainably off-the-grid, many soon realize that the reality of this seemingly easier way of life is not so easy at all, and in order to achieve the dream they need to rethink how they live altogether.

Discovery says: “Whether lacking the necessary bush-craft survival skills, having to constantly protect their livestock from surrounding predators or struggling to master the delicate art of farming, few rookie homesteaders will last beyond the first big winter, rainy season, or natural disaster.”

This is the cue for the Raney family to step in and take a leadership role and mentor the families who have reached out to them. Each family member shines in different ways and are equipped with their own set of skills and expertise.

What places are they going to?

The Raneys head to everywhere from the Driftless Region of Wisconsin to the remote high desert in Colorado, as they help a war veteran keep his dream of living off-grid by bettering his reliable food source options, and also help save a family in a wild and raging wilderness fire.

They even head back to their own place as years of working out in the field has left their own homestead vulnerable, meaning Marty, Matt and Misty have to tackle some real issues to shore up their own homestead and get it righted.

Homestead Rescue will premiere Wednesday, June 12 at 10 pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. Fans can also watch episodes early each Wednesday on Discovery GO, free with their paid TV subscription.

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