Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry contacts the dead with Madison Beer and Melissa Joan Hart

Madison Beer on tonight's Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry on E!
Madison Beer on tonight’s Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry on E!

On tonight’s Season 2 premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry on E!, we get to see incredible readings with stars Madison Beer and Melissa Joan Hart.

Both women have emotional moments as Tyler sits down with them for in-depth readings about their lives and those around them.

YouTube star Madison’s reading has her looking shocked as Tyler talks about a woman with cancer, who is partly the reason they are doing the reading.

Tyler is seemingly able to discern information about the woman and her relationship with the Madison and her brother, along with details of the cancer that killed her.

Meanwhile, Melissa turns from a complete sceptic to a complete believer after Tyler uncovers a secret in her family and also makes a connection with her deceased dad.

Tyler purports to have contacted a woman who turns out to be Melissa’s deceased grandmother.

He tells her that although her life support was switched off she understood.

Her mother, watching on a monitor, tearfully tells Melissa’s sister:” I turned her off, because I had to make that decision.”

Tyler goes on to say that her grandmother was OK with this and that it was a decision that needed to be made.

Melissa says: “That would be very important information for my mother who had to make that decision.”

Tyler also visit’s the family of Snooki — real name Nicole Elizabeth LaValle — in New Jersey.

Interestingly the James Randi Educational Foundation offers $1 million dollars to any psychic who can prove their abilities under controlled conditions, so far nobody has been successful.

A gifted clairvoiant or a good reader of people? Tune in and make up your own mind.

You can also book Tyler for a reading and he does lectures and workshops.

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs at 8pm on E!

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