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History’s survival series Alone back for Season 4 on June 15…with a twist

Alone on History will pair up family members for Season 4

History announced today that the new season of Alone will return on June 15 — with a big twist.

Unlike previous seasons where individuals competed, Season 4 will see seven teams of two family members each dropped miles apart on the mercurial and rugged Vancouver Island.

The two people in each team must first reunite, and then survive as long as they can. The show remains the same otherwise.

Vancouver Island was also the location (Quatsino territory) used in the first two seasons of the series.

The no frills and test of wills show is our favorite unvarnished unscripted summer reality competition.

The series features fit and experienced naturalists and survivalists who are left in some of the most stunning but unforgiving isolated areas of the world.

Each person brings a special set of skills to the competition, with mental strength as important as physical fitness.

Last season we traveled to scenic but stark Patagonia, in South America.

In it the isolation of the series was demonstrated in various stages of mental and physical stress by contestants Dave, Callie and Fowler. Ultimately, Fowler from Maine won, but the women gave him a great run.

As in previous seasons, in Season 4 the survivalists must conceptualize and create shelters, find edible safe food, and overcome indigenous insects, animals and climate in a bid to last the longest and win.

They will have ten survival tools to share per team, plus camera gear to record their personal experiences with the promise of a cash prize of $500,000.

Zachary Behr, Senior Executive Producer of Alone said: “After three seasons, we’re adding a new level of complexity to the show.

“At its core, the show remains the same as our survivalists endure the challenges of being isolated in some of the most unstable terrain imaginable.

“However, this season, pairs are initially separated from one another and must navigate a forest in an effort to find each other.

“Once reunited, they’ll have to communicate, compromise and work together with their teammate if they want to endure the longest.”

Monsters and Critics will cover the show with weekly recaps as well as backgrounders and feature articles on the cast.

Alone returns for Season 4 on Thursday, June 15, at 10/9c on History. 

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