History Channel’s Knightfall Season 2 finale, Episode 8 Recap: King Philip continues to fight the Knights Templar

Landry is tied to the stake in Episode 8 of Knightfall Season 2
Tom Cullen stars as Landry. Pic credit: José Sarmento Matos

Welcome to the recap for Episode 8 of History Channel’s Knightfall, which also happens to be the Season 2 finale episode.

Talus has been busy

Episode 7 of Knightfall saw Landry (Tom Cullen) and the other captured Knights Templar in the process of being burned alive.

However, Talus (Mark Hamill) has been busy behind the scenes and lucky for Landry’s group arrives at just the right time with his equivalent of a Trojan Horse and starts killing guards with his massive crossbow.

While he does this, the Lapinites of Saint Lazarus all step out and reveal themselves and it is enough for the crowd to freak out at the sight of lepers and run away. In the chaos, Landry’s group are freed and they all escape to the Temple.

While this seems like a great place to hole up, what with that secret escape hole and all, the king has been there before them and bricked up the only way out.


Guess you guys need another way to escape now. And, there is one way but it involves sneaking out through the sh*t tunnels beneath the city. However, with the battering ram getting through the first set of gates, they have no other option.

Just when they are holding their breath and readying for the hideous stench, a woman is heard screaming for help and the Templars are right on that.

Only to discover its Prince Louis’ (Tom Forbes) plaything, Lydia (Salome Gunnarsdottir), and she wants out so they free her and only just manage to escape the Temple before the guards get there.

The Knights Templar face the king's guards
Simon Merrells stars Tancrede and Tom Cullen stars as Landry. Pic credit: Larry Horricks

The Templars split up

As soon as they are free of the Temple, guards start popping up everywhere like some Medieval version of Whack-A-Mole and the Templars have to split up in order to escape.

Tancrede’s (Simon Merrells) group ends up in Lydia’s house but are nearly instantly discovered after Lydia is overcome with grief for the loss of her family. Luckily for the group, though, these guards are idiots and fall for the bullsh*t story Lydia comes up with and moves on for the sake of the plot.

A group of initiates and Sister Anne (Claire Cooper) ends up with Talus and they quickly bump into more guards. Rhone (Dean Ridge) is injured and Talus tells them to sneak off while he defends them because he is an old man they are only new on the path of the Templars.

They quickly agree and limp off with Rhone.

While it seems like this is the end for Talus, he beats back those guards like a motherf*cker. Although, to be honest, I think it has more to do with some Jedi Master mind control than anything else and he kills every damn one of those guards.

Considering he is a Templar, he doesn’t pause to have a shot of whiskey or a well-deserved cigarette afterward, No, he just limps away as his storyline is completed in the Season 2 finale of Knightfall.

In the chaos, Landry and Gawain (Pádraic Delaney) end up hiding together in a doorway as guards threaten to find them. Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) is with this group and he promptly tells them all to f*ck off because regardless of what the king told them, Louis has no intention of hunting Templars.

Portrait image of Prince Louis
Tom Forbes stars as Prince Louis. Pic credit: José Sarmento Matos

Prince Louis rescues his princess but…

When the guards disperse and Louis sees the two Templars huddling in the doorway he promptly looks the other way because he has his princess to rescue.

He’s brought his own key this time, too. Although, by key, I mean weapon, and he breaks down that door only to discover he is too late and Margaret (Clementine Nicholson) gets to die in his arms, giving him another reason to hate his father — not that the list is short, or anything.

The Templars continue to evade capture

Finally, the Templars find places to hide out for the night and you would think that they would all get some rest. Most do, except Landry can’t help himself and immediately starts laying into Gawain for ruining everything.

Gawain quickly points out the faults in his reasoning, namely, all this started because Landry couldn’t keep his d*ck out of the queen.

They have a brawl then and it is good to see that nothing ever changes when it comes to men sorting out their grievances.

The next morning, the Templars all climb onto the roofs of the places they holed up and do a head count. They all then converge at Lydia’s and hash out a plan.

Sister Anne and Tancrede
Claire Cooper as Sister Anne and Simon Merrells as Tancrede. Pic credit: History Channel / José Sarmento Matos

Let’s steal a ship

The best — and only — plan they have is to steal the king’s ship and sail right on out of the city. They all agree on this — after Landry and Gawain have another go at each other — and set about waiting for night to fall once more.

Even though it is dark, the royal ship is still guarded and it turns into a sh*tstorm as they battle their way through.

In the process, Sister Anne gets shot with an arrow and Tancrede is distraught. As he goes to her aid, he gets shot as well and Landry is nearly losing his mind because the rest are on the ship now and the king is showing up.

However, everyone holds Landry back and Tancrede gives him the nod and the ship heads off before the king can get to them.

King Philip IV of France sits on his throne
Ed Stoppard stars as King Philip IV of France. Pic credit: History Channel / José Sarmento Matos

The king is annoyed with everything

Landry’s story arc in Season 2 of Knightfall has been his redemption, as pointed out by SyFy. However, thanks to events between Landry and King Philip in Season 1, it means that the king has spent Season 2 of Knightfall enraged by everything.

Poor DeNogaret ends up being the punching bag for the king’s anger.

Then, when Landry escapes once more on his ship, the king is surprised when DeNogaret gives him the f*ck you speech when Landry turns up for justice.

You see, Landry has returned because he wants justice for the king’s order to have Eve murdered.

The king is confident, though, he has his son and DeNogaret in the room with him, right? So, even though Landry looks like sh*t and has still managed to kill all the guards on his way to the throne room, he still has back up, right.

Um, f*ck no Philip.

Instead, DeNogaret gives the “long live the king” speech even though Philip isn’t dead yet and leaves the room (likely to place some money on his assumption that Landry will pummel the king’s a*s until he is dead).

Prince Louis is no help either, as he is too busy closing the doors behind him so they don’t slap him on the a*s on his way out.

This just leaves Landry and King Philip. And, to be fair, the king puts up a good fight before the Templar knocks his sword from his hand and kills him three times over.

Now, fans need to start praying that Knightfall gets renewed for Season 3 because there is still plenty of stories to be told about the Knights Templar now that King Philip is dead.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Tom Cullen stars as Landry
Tom Cullen stars as Landry. Pic credit: History Channel

Landry’s Sin-O-Meter

On a scale of Talus to DeNogaret, let’s see how Landry went this week!

0 out of 5. Words here. While Season 1 of Knightfall was all about Landry’s sins, Season 2 has certainly turned out to show that Landry can change and has dedicated his life to God.

Once again, though, there was no temptation set before him to prove otherwise and fans will have to see if this changes him should Knightfall be renewed for Season 3.

As yet, no news has been released regarding Season 3 of History Channel’s Knightfall.

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