Here’s why Wheel of Fortune viewers think Pat Sajak’s daughter will replace Vanna White

maggie sajak vanna white selfies
Is Maggie vying for Vanna’s spot on Wheel of Fortune? Pic credit: @maggiesajak/Instagram/© Thompson/AdMedia

Vanna White has served as the resident tile-turner on Wheel of Fortune for nearly four decades, but is her replacement waiting to take over?

That’s what some Wheel of Fortune viewers think after watching a recent video including Vanna and another Wheel of Fortune personality, Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak.

Maggie uploaded a video to her Instagram feed, showing her appreciation for Vanna’s attire for a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune.

The 29-year-old blonde beauty shared footage of herself and Vanna bypassing each other in the studio of Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, where Wheel of Fortune films its episodes.

As Vanna walked by in the short video, she gave Maggie’s IG followers a look at her shimmery, hot pink dress for the evening, which she paired with a pair of matching cross-strap heels.

“Hi, Barbie!” Maggie told Vanna as they passed each other. Vanna reciprocated the gesture, saying the same back to Maggie, who was clad in a sparkly navy dress and black suede boots.

“Just a couple of Barbie girls living in a @wheeloffortune world,” Maggie captioned her post.

The second half of Maggie’s post explained her and Vanna’s Barbie exchange: “Loving the Barbie vibes of @officialvannawhite’s dress tonight!💖👯‍♀️👋,” she added.

In the comments section of Maggie’s post, Wheel of Fortune fans gushed over her and Vanna’s fashionable garments.

Wheel of Fortune viewers wonder if Maggie Sajak is preparing to take on Vanna White’s role

There were several fans of the show, however, who had something else in mind with their comments.

Some speculated that perhaps Maggie is preparing to take over Vanna’s job as the co-host and tile-turner for Wheel of Fortune.

“Maggie is future Letter turner???” asked one curious IG follower.

wheel of fortune viewers comment on maggie sajak replacing vanna white on instagram
Wheel of Fortune viewers think Maggie might have been sending a hint about her future on the show. Pic credit: @maggiesajak/Instagram

Another joked, “[Bye bye] Vanna,” and one Instagram user referred to Maggie as “Vanna 2.0.”

Here’s what Maggie’s job as Wheel of Fortune’s Social Correspondent entails

In 2021, Maggie joined Wheel of Fortune as the show’s Social Correspondent. Per the show’s website, Maggie’s job consists of “providing viewers of Wheel and ABC’s primetime Celebrity Wheel of Fortune with exclusive digital content and behind-the-scenes looks at what makes the Wheel go ’round.”

“That includes access to backstage activity, interviews with players, celebrities, staff and crew, and sneak-peeks at upcoming events.”

So, could Maggie possibly be gearing up to fill Vanna’s shoes?

Vanna says Maggie would be a ‘good replacement’

For starters, if that’s the case, it wouldn’t happen for a couple of years because, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, Vanna’s contract with Sony was extended for at least two more years.

In the meantime, Vanna has no qualms with Maggie filling in for her in the event she’s unable to fulfill her duties.

As Vanna told E! News in 2023, “I think she’s a good replacement if I can’t be there for some reason. She’s been around it her whole life, so I think she can fill in for me for sure.”

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