Here’s why The View’s Sunny Hostin is deeply disappointed

Sunny Hostin at the White House Correspondent Dinner.
Sunny Hostin shared news on The View that has her deeply disappointed. Pic credit: ©

Whoopi Goldberg started a recent episode of The View, as she put it, “A little differently this morning.”

She was setting the stage for some weighty news that was to come from Sunny Hostin, one of the co-hosts on the show.

Sunny had recently shared that she would be on Finding Your Roots with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. this season, and fans eagerly awaited the segment.

The show uses DNA and paper records to find out where famous people come from, and Sunny consented to be featured on the show, but what she found out shocked her.

Sunny had tears when Whoopi opened the show and began speaking to her about her ancestry results.

“Yes, he gave me some surprising revelations about my family,” Sunny said, speaking about Dr. Gates.

The news Sunny shared about her ancestors had her deeply disappointed

Although Sunny posted about the show on her Instagram, she was not pleased with the testing results and felt led to explain things on The View.

Sunny explained that she was reluctant and “sensed that there could be something in my family history that would be disappointing.”

It was then that Joy Behar interjected the word “Negative.” Sunny agreed that it was negative and spoke about atonement because the results were that the family on her mother’s side were enslavers.

Sunny then said the whole revelation that her ancestors enslaved people was “deeply disappointing.” She shared that her mother’s family moved from Spain to Puerto Rico, in effect moving the “family business,” as she called it, because the slave trade was ending in Spain.

Sunny even shared photos of her appearance on Finding Your Roots on her Instagram reels as if she felt that she needed to promote the show even though the results were not what she wanted them to be.

Sunny Hostin promoted her spot on Finding Your Roots on her Instagram Reels
Sunny Hostin still promoted her Finding Your Roots segment despite disappointing her. Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

It must have been hard for Sunny to share on her Instagram Reels details about the show that shared with the world that her ancestors enslaved others. But to her credit, she did and sought to make amends, even speaking about atonement with the ladies on The View.

Sunny Hostin shared a photo of The View promoting Finding Your Roots on her Instagram Reels.
Sunny Hostin shared why she was deeply disappointed in Finding Your Roots on The View. Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

Sunny Hostin says she needs to not share as much about her family

Speaking to Brian Teta on the podcast The View: Behind the Table, Sunny shared that her son Gabriel has asked her to slow her roll and not reveal as much about their lives.

Sunny is a great mother and has even gotten into trouble before by having her phone out during live interviews just in case her daughter needs her, but she is admittedly sharing a bit too much.

Sunny told Brian that her husband, Manny, gets “enraged” by comments on social media, too. Coupled with her son getting upset, Sunny said she forgets that three million people can hear when she says something.

She admitted, “I have to rethink what I share about members of the family.”

Let’s hope Sunny can have a better week next week, as this one seemed complicated for her.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Dennis stack
Dennis stack
10 days ago

Sunny is a pure racist and she should embrace her family legacy of slavery. It’s just a role reversal she’s just now on the other side. The apple don’t fall far from the tree. Stop being so judgmental lest yee be judged to same standard.