Here’s why The View’s Sunny Hostin felt personally attacked

Sunny Hostin on The View
Sunny Hostin said she felt personally attacked during a segment on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg brought up a sensitive subject for some of the ladies on The View.

Each woman is a mother, except for the youngest panel member, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and each has their own parenting style.

Sunny Hostin is going through a transition with her children, who are going off to college, and has been seeking advice from other mothers.

Kelly Ripa was an excellent example for Sunny during a visit to Live with Kelly and Mark since she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have three children out of the house.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Kelly assured Sunny that the lonely feeling would last a week or two and subside.

Now, Sunny revealed a stance on parenting that has her feeling a bit attacked on The View after Whoopi brought up the subject of tracking kids at college.

Sunny said she felt ‘personally attacked’ but also ‘seen’ over this issue

Whoopi brought up a scenario where an 18-year-old off to college asked her parents to turn off the phone tracking app on her phone while she was at school.

The dad was reportedly ok with the request, while the mom was not, and as soon as Sunny heard about the issue, she jumped into the discussion.

“Can I defend myself?” Sunny asked Whoopi because she felt like the mother in the story and uses these apps for her children. Sunny said, “I feel personally attacked but seen by this mother.”

Sunny has previously shared with the ladies that her family uses the Life 360 app so everyone knows where each other is, including her husband, parents, and children.

Her stance is that if she pays for the phone, the app stays on, and she can see where everyone is; if they don’t like it, they can get their phone.

Sara Haines shared her feelings on the subject, saying the best part was the “holding on while letting go” philosophy.

The clip was shared on The View’s YouTube account and can be seen below.

The way that Sunny wants to track her children did not sit well with fans on The View.

Sunny’s parenting stance has fans recoiling on social media

Fans did not like the idea of parents tracking their children’s every move. One fan said, “I wouldn’t want Sunny Hostin as a mother.”

Another said, ” I wouldn’t mind being tracked if it means I’m gonna be rich.”

Then another fan tried to reason with everyone, “Why? All she really said is if you want me to pay for it, this is how it is. She did not say they could not go buy and pay for their own…they are accepting of it.”

Fans of The View remark on Sunny Hostin's parenting style
Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

One fan said, “Sunny’s kids are going to grow up to resent her.” And another said, “She would be a nightmare of an in-law.”

Another fan said that it does cause resentment and then lamented Sunny’s sad, “clingy behavior” toward her kids.

Fans of The View react to Sunny Hostin's remarks
Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

It could be as simple as Sunny’s children buying their own phones to be tracking-free. Sunny and the other ladies want the best for their children, which is clear.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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