Here’s why The View fans say Sara Haines needs a ‘standing ovation’

Sara Haines at a random event
Sara Haine’s deserves a “standing ovation” according to her fans. Pic credit: ©

In a much-needed break from political topics, Whoopi Goldberg introduced a fun topic about “murder houses” on The View.

The constant heavy talk during an election year is tiring for viewers and hosts alike, so an offbeat theme that people can laugh at helps.

Whoopi Goldberg shared a story about a gentleman who bought a house for a steep discount where a murder took place and what happened when his wife found out.

Sara Haines had a suggestion that had the ladies on the show howling with laughter, and the fans couldn’t stay quiet about it either.

Usually, Joy Behar and Whoopi are the funny ladies on The View, constantly quipping jokes, but it seemed that Sara stole the show.

Joy Behar once had to be reminded that “murder is wrong” by a fellow co-host, but the “murder house” topic did not need that same disclaimer.

Sara Haines tried to get Whoopi Goldberg involved in a ‘murder house’ podcast

Whoopi laid out the story about a man who bought a house where a murder took place. He spent $100,000 less on the home and neglected to tell his wife the circumstances of the death.

Whoopi recounted that when she found out accidentally, she moved out immediately. As the other ladies discussed whether they would live in a house like that, Sara took the floor and nailed the best response.

Sara suggested they start a podcast, “Live from the murder house,” where they would describe murders and other gruesome scenes right in front of them.

Then Sara got to the best part of her plan and begged Whoopi, “The house needs Oda Mae Brown.” Oda Mae is Whoopi’s psychic character in the famous movie Ghost.

Sara said to Whoopi as she hugged her, “We can do this together!” Sara loves referencing Whoopi’s character in Ghost on the show and brings it up every chance she gets.

Fans love Sara Haines and her quick wit

Fans loved the interaction between Sara and Whoopi. One fan shared on YouTube, “Sara: You know what the house needs? Oda Mae Brown. Whoopi:..” Whoopi was not feeling the vibe with that suggestion; that was clear.

Another fan said, “Sara needed a standing ovation for that comment because it was hilarious!”

The View fans comment about Sara Haines
Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

Sara would jump at the chance to work with Whoopi on any project; she loves her so much.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Peggy Hoelbl
Peggy Hoelbl
13 days ago

It would be funny if you freaking hear any of it over everyone, so annoying, I turn it off every time, I just want to HEAR !!

Brenda B.
Brenda B.
13 days ago

I remember when Sara sat on Joy’s left and gave her an excited fist to the shoulder, occasionally. She eventually was moved next to Whoopie its all hugs.

I think that was a ploy. ❤️ Love The View.

13 days ago

Whoopi is loved by everyone. The entire panel Hostin, Behar, Haines, Navarro, are the best. The View is one of my favorite shows. Never miss it. I’m a hardcore liberal independent who loves Democracy.

12 days ago

Sara is one of my favs. She is really smart and very down to earth. Unlike that Sunny who I can’t stand

Khadeja Williams
Khadeja Williams
3 days ago