Here’s why Sunny Hostin had to put Dr. Phil in his place on The View

Sunny Hostin had to put Dr. Phil in his place on The VIew
Sunny Hostin had to clap back at Dr. Phil on The View. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Things got heated recently on The View; this time, it was because of another veteran talk show host, Dr. Phil McGraw.

The ladies, led by Whoopi Goldberg, graciously welcomed Dr. Phil into their house, aka the set of The View, only to have to shut him down because of a controversial view he had that offended the ladies.

Dr. Phil shut down his long-running talk show, The Dr. Phil, after Season 21 last May to relocate his team to Texas and launch a new project.

He moved his team to Fort Worth, Texas, to launch Merit Street Media, a new cable television network featuring his new show, Dr. Phil Primetime, according to Dallas Innovates. It is premiering Ferburary 26.

The show was going well, and the ladies allowed Dr. Phil to talk about his new project, his book, We’ve Got Issues, until Sara Haines asked an innocent question.

This question was about his quote, and Sara began asking how to be the “best voice” in children’s ears, and then Dr. Phil began a longwinded COVID-19 tirade that had to be shut down by Sunny Hostin.

Sunny Hostin responded sharply to Dr. Phil on The View

Dr. Phil seemed upset that schools were shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying at one point during his speech, “Who does that?” He called how the government acted during the pandemic a “mishandling” of it.

The ladies immediately got upset with Whoopi, clarifying, “So, remember, we know many folks who died during this. People weren’t laying around eating bonbons.”

The beloved Joy Behar was out for most of December because of COVID-19, as reported by Monsters and Critics. The ladies all have strong feelings over the virus and how badly some were hurt by it.

Sunny quickly shut Dr. Phil down by saying, “There was also a pandemic going on, and they were trying to save their lives.”

He still tried to argue his viewpoint by saying children were the “less vulnerable group.” Whoopi ended the segment by saying there wasn’t time to discuss it.

Whoopi shared her new venture during Black History Month

Whoopi, sometimes bored on The View, has found an exciting new project to pique her interest.

Whoopi excitedly shared on her Instagram Reels that she has invested in Blkfam, a free streaming platform that launches on February 26, 2024.

Whoopi Goldeberg announced her new streaming service BlkFam on her Instagram Reel.
Whoopi Goldberg announced her new venture, Blkfam, on her Instagram. Pic credit: @whoopigoldberg/Instagram

Variety has reported that it is “billed as the first and only Black-owned and Black-focused family streaming platform.”

Whoopi Goldberg shared news of her new venture on her Instagram Reel.
Whoopi Goldberg shared news of the new Blkfam streaming service. Pic credit: @whoopigoldberg/Instagram

Whoopi told Variety that she likes being a part of things that will grow. This tremendous free service will certainly grow!

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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