Here’s why Mark Consuelos said he was having a ‘major anxiety attack’ on Live with Kelly and Mark

Mark Consuelos at the Academy Awards
Mark Consuelos revealed he was having a ‘major anxiety attack’ on Live. Pic credit: © Admedia

Live with Kelly and Mark has been showing previously recorded yet new episodes these past two weeks while Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos get some much-needed time off.

In a recent interview with Steve Guttenberg, Mark Consuelos revealed something startling that proves that even these previously recorded episodes are worth watching.

Mark has taken time off for Father’s Day and some hiking with his wife Kelly during this summer break from filming the show, but the duo now are getting ready for new shows starting July 1.

Fans who tuned in to watch Live with Kelly and Mark learned something new about Mark during this pre-taped interview with Steve Guttenberg.

Steven Guttenberg came on the show to promote his new book, Time to Thank: Caregiving for My Hero. He started telling a graphic story about how he cared for his dad, and Mark revealed his feelings on the matter.

The Live with Kelly and Mark crew shared the interview clip on their YouTube channel.

Mark reveals he is ‘afraid of blood’ and having a ‘major anxiety attack’ on LIVE

During the interview, Steve described in such detail how he cared for his father that both Kelly and Mark were mesmerized.

Both Kelly and Mark love their parents and would do anything to ensure their well-being, but Steve’s lengths for his father made Mark reveal how he feels about blood and caring for his parents.

Steve’s father was a veteran and suffered kidney dysfunction to the point of needing dialysis. Instead of having his dad do dialysis several times a week in a kidney center, he and some family members took medical courses and learned to administer it at home.

Kelly started the interview by asking Steve to explain, “You did something extraordinary for any person in any circumstance…explain to me what that was like…you became a trained dialysis technician.”

Mark broke through the interview to reveal he was having an anxiety attack. Mark has been in therapy before because he has claustrophobia and was not afraid to share his feelings about blood and needles.

Mark told Kelly and Steve, “I’m having a major anxiety attack right now…I’m so scared- afraid of blood. How did you do that?”

Steve then explained in detail the lengths he had to go through to care for his father, which shows that Kelly’s call for the act to be “extraordinary” was on point.

Kelly takes time to wish her mom Essie a happy birthday on Instagram

In her usual form, Kelly took time out of her busy schedule to wish her mom Essie a happy birthday.

Kelly often discusses her parents on the show and credits both her mom and her dad with her success.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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