Here’s why LIVE’s Mark Consuelos was mistaken for a waiter at an event

Mark Consuelos at a random event
Mark Consuelos shared about a time he was mistaken as a waiter at a party. Pic credit: ©

Mark Consuelos has become comfortable in his seat next to Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Mark this past year.

He admits that he was worried that changing from occasional co-host to full-time host could hurt his marriage, but is happy that things are working out just fine.

In the year that he has co-hosted LIVE with Kelly, everything has been going well, from the ratings to the incredible locations they’ve shot the show from to Stump Mark’s popularity.

Mark’s celebrity has never been hotter, and everyone is clamoring for interviews with the jetsetting star.

Mark’s interviews lately have mainly focused on the sports team he co-owns in Italy, Campobasso FC, but he stopped in to speak to Justin Long on his podcast Life is Short with Justin Long.

The hour-long interview had Mark sharing stories from before he was a big star to when he was a kid setting his sights on New York City and an acting career.

Mark Consuelos posted about his podcast with Justin Long
Mark Consuelos shared when he was mistaken for a waiter on Justin Long’s podcast. Pic credit: @instasuelos/Instagram

Mark joined Justin Long on his podcast and shared a few juicy stories

The episode titled Mark Consuelos, on Justin’s podcast, was taped just before Live’s After Oscar Party, and Mark shared about different parties he’s been to with and without Kelly.

The annual After Oscar Show on Live is filmed at the same theater as the Oscars show and showcases interviews that Kelly and Mark do with the celebrities after they win.

This interview with Justin occurred just before that show, and Mark was in the mood to talk about a particular time he was mistaken for a waiter at a fancy event.

Usually, he goes to these parties with Kelly, and then everyone knows he’s a guest alongside his glamorous wife. He told Justin that Kelly had to be up early once and decided to skip a party.

So Mark went hoping to meet up with a group of friends. He said he was wearing a white dinner party jacket. “I quickly realized I looked like all the waiters,” Mark said.

Mark approached a buddy who had mistook him for a waiter and asked him for a tequila on the rocks.

Of course, he fetched it for him and got a laugh out of his buddy when he profusely apologized for the mistake.

Mark got to reconnect with his teacher

In the happy coincidence of Teacher Appreciation Day, Mark was able to reconnect with his favorite teacher, Mrs. Billye Green.

He spoke about her and had one of the team try to find her, and they did. Mrs Green could call in and talk to Mark live during the show.

It is always a sweet time when people can connect with people who made a difference in their childhood.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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