Here’s why Kelly Ripa said she had to take her dress off on LIVE

Kelly Ripa at the GLAAD Media Awards.
Live with Kelly and Mark started to get interesting when Kelly Ripa practiced her ring girl walk. Pic credit: ©

LIVE with Kelly and Mark has been airing shows from the spectacular location of Las Vegas this week.

This change of venue has allowed Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos to change things up a bit, both with the show’s format and how they act on stage. They are loving their “residency in Las Vegas.”

Earlier this week, Mark jumped up to dance with the trivia dancer after another loss in his Stump Mark game, causing a bit of a stir.

With all the extra dancing Kelly and Mark are doing, Kelly wore a long glittery red dress that would be at home on a ballroom dance floor or a beauty pageant.

It seemed not an ideal choice for Kelly after Mark suggested she practice this walk during the host chat.

Mark excitedly shared that the UFC fighters were coming to the Sphere in September, and he may need to fight in the show. Of course, Kelly would be his ring girl.

Kelly Ripa was overdressed for the ring girl walk

A ring girl walks around the stage between bouts and shares information about the score and fighters. Gridgirloutfits explains, “In combat sports such as MMA, boxing, and kickboxing, ring girls are hired to hold up round cards during intervals between rounds.”

Mark suggested as he fought an imaginary player with exaggerated fist swings that Kelly would be his “ring girl,” telling her to “practice your ring girl stuff.”

Kelly jumped up and realized she was overdressed to be a ring girl and said, “Wait, I have to take my dress off.”

Instead of undressing, she did a sultry walk, holding a sign over her head, mimicking what she would do if Mark were to fight in the ring.

It would be a great show if Mark came to the UFC fight in September. He and Kelly are a great team and would certainly add some laughs during the fight.

Kelly and Mark are made for Las Vegas

Kelly and Mark are having so much fun in Las Vegas that it should seriously be on their list if and when they move LIVE with Kelly and Mark.

They continue to share the interactions they have been having with a much larger audience on the show’s Instagram account.

Mark and Kelly had fun with the t-shirt gun, giving away free shirts to the live audience.

With Kelly always teasing retirement or moving the show to a warmer climate, the special week they’ve had in Las Vegas may reinvigorate her into wanting to continue.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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