Here’s why Kelly Ripa called Mark Consuelos a monster on LIVE

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at an event in NYC.
Kelly Ripa called her husband Mark Consuelos a ‘monster’ on LIVE. Pic credit: ©

Some days, having a married couple working together may lead to a divorce, but Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos keep plugging away on LIVE with Kelly and Mark.

Recently, what happened on the show could cause the couple to pursue marriage therapy if the looks that Kelly gave Mark are any indication.

The Stump Mark portion of the show certainly shows how competitive Mark is, and sometimes that makes Kelly upset.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, she has caught him writing crib notes to give him a leg up on the game and has had no problem calling him out.

Kelly warned him about his actions this time when she learned that the day’s contestant was in a particular category.

The show picked Joe Delorme, a first responder from Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey; Kelly made her feelings known about him winning as soon as she heard.

Kelly warned Mark not to ‘rob’ Joe of his win

Kelly and Mark were impressed and thankful that Joe was a fireman from New Jersey. As soon as Kelly heard the news, she paused and then said to Mark, “I’m going to say something right now — If you rob Joe of this mug and t-shirt, you, sir, are a monster.”

Mark could only swallow and say, “I’ll take that into consideration.” It is well known that Mark hates to lose and will even walk off the stage if he loses a big one.

Still, Mark loves first responders just like Kelly does and wants to try to let Joe win the mug and t-shirt. The questions were easy; Mark had to figure out and choose the lie.

Kelly reminded him, “If Joe doesn’t win, you are a monster.” She stared daggers at him the whole segment.

“I was with Bruce Springsteen when his front tooth got knocked out” or “I replaced my son’s varsity wrestling coach” were the choices to pick from. After some back and forth, Mark picked wrestling and immediately got booed by the audience.

Everyone booed him as no one could believe he let the first responder lose his mug and t-shirt.

Stump Mark is full of moral dilemmas lately

In another Stump Mark this week, the caller won and chose a number from the audience to win a Roomba. The caller chose number 1, which happened to be the trivia dancer’s number.

Then, the dilemma comes to light. The trivia dancer turned winner had traded numbers with another audience member because “no one ever picks one,” he said.

Stump Mark has quickly become the best part of the show.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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