Ginger Zee thrilled to finally ‘get that sweat on’ in a sauna after braving sub-zero temps

Ginger Zee attending the 18th Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball
Ginger Zee returned from Canada. Pic credit: © Callahan/AcePictures

Ginger Zee is a busy woman, both in her professional life and her personal life.

The Good Morning America chief meteorologist recently returned from an assignment in Canada and is back in the swing of things at home in New York.

The beloved GMA personality has been braving sub-zero temperatures for the last week while up north, sharing how she bundled up in layers upon layers of clothing — including electric heated gear — to keep warm amid -30° F wind chills.

But now, Ginger has revealed her joy at finally being able to relax in the warmth of a sauna while wrapped in a towel — a stark contrast from the heavy-duty winter gear she was sporting just days prior.

On Instagram, Ginger uploaded a photo of herself in a white towel as she relaxed on an Adirondack chair.

Clearly, Ginger wasn’t facing frigid temps in the photo, and that’s because she was enjoying the warmth of a sauna.

As she explained in her caption, Ginger is training for a half marathon, and now that cold and flu season is upon us, she’s doing her best to stay healthy and avoid illness at all costs.

“Starting to train for a half marathon plus flu and cold season so I have been dreaming of getting in an infrared sauna,” Ginger began her accompanying caption.

She continued, “So nice to get that sweat-on and dragged @benaarontv with me too 😂 😅💦 any of you swear by the sauna?” adding the hashtags #sauna, #sweat, and #infrared.

Ginger Zee’s fans and followers agree that using an infrared sauna is beneficial

As it turns out, several of Ginger’s Instagram followers agree that infrared saunas offer an abundance of health benefits.

In the comments section of the post, one Instagram user wrote, “Yes!! I have an infrared sauna and love it. So many great health benefits.”

ginger zee's instagram followers comment on her sauna post
Several of Ginger’s followers shared their experiences using infrared saunas. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Another one of Ginger’s fans told her, “Go Ginger! I have [had] one for about five years and absolutely love it – toxins come out!! Feels great! Enjoy.”

“I’ve had mine since spring of 2021! I use it daily and love it,” shared another one of Ginger’s followers.

One fan told Ginger it was “nice” to see her relaxing, adding, “Enjoy.”

Ginger is staying busy outside of Good Morning America now that she’s back in New York

Since she returned from Canada, Ginger has had a jam-packed schedule outside of delivering the nation’s forecast.

Over the weekend, Ginger and her husband, Ben Aaron, posed for a photo in front of their family’s Christmas tree before heading out to a holiday party.

Ginger looked festive in her black feathered skirt, telling her followers in the caption, “Tis the season… so glad to be home with my boys and celebrating the Christmas season 💕”

“[Ben] and I even went out to a holiday party. What a beautiful time 😘.”

Ginger also stayed busy with her two young sons, Adrian and Miles, as they baked Christmas cookies together.

Ginger shared several shots of some of her boys’ works of art and said that she felt as though Adrian and Miles had made “real artistic progress” in their cookie-making since last year.

Now that Ginger is back in NYC, Good Morning America viewers will be glad to see their favorite morning show meteorologist back at it, filming at Hudson Square Studios.

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