Here’s why Deal or No Deal Island fans are ‘devastated’ and sad for Claudia Jordan over this loss

Claudia Jordan at a random red carpet event
Claudia Jordan shared news that her show was canceled and fans expressed their concern. Pic credit: © Admedia

Deal or No Deal Island fans are rushing to console Claudia Jordan after she posted upsetting news for her and her followers on social media.

Fans will remember that Claudia Jordan was brought in as a contestant for the Deal or No Deal spin-off, Deal or No Deal Island, in Season 1.

She is famously known as a “briefcase” girl in the original series, and perhaps producers thought she would bring continuity to the fans for the new Deal or No Deal Island.

Fans were sad to see her exit the show early on and turned their eyes to their equally beloved Boston Rob Mariano, who helped keep them interested until the final episode.

Claudia has other jobs besides Deal or No Deal Island since eating and keeping a roof over one’s head are essential, but unfortunately, one of her side gigs has ended.

Claudia shared this information on her Instagram, and her friends and fans immediately started to share their concerns and thoughts.

Claudia Jordan shared news about her show Tea-GIF on Instagram
Claudia Jordan shared the sad news that her show would not be returning. Pic credit: @claudiajordan/Instagram

A popular show that Claudia Jordan co-hosted is ending, and fans are reacting on social media

Claudia posted on her Instagram explaining that her show, Tea-GIF, is not returning to the streaming network Fox Soul after its current hiatus.

Claudia says of the celebrity gossip show, “What a run! Soul mates, I love you, and you already know I’ll never stop pushing to give yall more shows in the future.”

Fans immediately posted their feelings about the show from 2019 to 2024. One fan shared their love and said, “I’m devasted!! This just means you’re about to propel even higher!”

Another fan who was there for the entire show said, “I am so mad,” in part, and wished Claudia “good luck!” Another fan shared that they were “sad.”

Fans are upset for Claudia Jordan
Fans are ‘devastated’ and ‘sad’ for Claudia Jordan. Pic credit: @claudiajordan/Instagram

Even though Claudia has had other projects, losing a show she co-hosted with Al Reynolds and Armon Wigging for years must be devastating.

What is next for Claudia, and could it be The View?

Claudia Jordan’s fans would love to see her on The View as a co-host in the future. As Monsters and Critics has reported, fans have long wanted Claudia to join Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg on The View.

They are calling for her to join The View again, with a fan sharing, “I want Claudia Jordan on The View! They need your type of voice there seriously!”

Other fans continued to express their sadness over Tea-GIF’s ending.

Fans want Claudia Jordan back on The View
Fans respond to Claudia Jordan’s post on Instagram. Pic credit: @claudiajordan/Instagram

I’m sure Claudia will be back on top soon. She’s a talented lady, and everyone wants to see her next project.

Deal or No Deal Island aired on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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