Here’s why Ana Navarro thinks The View’s executive producer is ‘useless’

Ana Navarro on The View
Ana Navarro on The View. Pic Credit: ABC

Food is big on The View. They love it when someone brings food, or they get to learn how to cook something.

Recently, they had pizza from a top-notch place in Brooklyn, Cuts and Slices NYC, in honor of Sunny Hostin’s birthday.

The ladies went wild over that treat. It was so memorable that Ana brought it up on the podcast for The View.

The podcast, titled Behind the Table, is a weekly show with each co-host sitting in and talking to the executive producer of The View, Brian Teta.

This week, pizza was the leading topic. Brian said his father was Italian and that pizza is “the purist of everything good.”

Ana has a great love of simple cheese pizza. Listening to them talk about Chicago, New York, and Detroit-style pizza is enough to make you hungry!

The talk then turned to cooking. Coming from Italian parents, Ana likely assumed Brian could hold his own in the kitchen.

What Brian reveals has Ana so taken aback she can hardly speak

“What do you do?” Ana asked.

“Nothing,” Brian replied.

“You don’t know how to cook at all?”

“Nothing,” he began again.

“It’s bad,” he admitted. “My wife doesn’t cook either.”

Ana couldn’t believe it. “You have two children. How do you feed these children?”

Then she hit him with, “There’s services for useless people!”

He assured her that his wife does cook for the kids and he is familiar with the popular food delivery service Grubhub.

This is the second time she has blasted Brian. Recently, Ana put him on the spot, asking, “Are you paying me my worth?”

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Brian nervously replied to her, “I think I am. I gotta tell you, I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty sure.”

Ana assured him she was just trying to offer support to the Latina Equal Pay campaign, an organization that raises awareness for equal equity for Latinas.

This is not the first time Ana has been crass on The View

Just the other day, Ana was also censored on The View. It must have grated on her because she brought it up on the podcast with Brian.

Ana was not allowed to say the word “cojones” on air. She was speaking in admiration of President Biden going to Israel and was silenced. People had to read her lips to figure it out.

She compared herself to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to Brian on the podcast. She referenced that Ms. Albright used the word “cojones” and was lauded for it.

Previously, Ana was also censored for using the word “t*ts” about her friend Eva Longoria and how she looked at the Academy Awards.

Ana most likely will continue to speak out about anything, and the viewers love it.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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