Here’s why Ana Navarro suddenly felt sick and needed to lay down on The View

Ana Navarro of The View
Ana Navarro had to lie down on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Replacing Whoopi as moderator for a third day in a row, Joy Behar introduced the topic of Lauren Boebert and her divorce finalization.

Married for 17 years, the United States Representative Lauren Boebert and her now ex-husband, Jayson, have four sons and a grandson.

Lauren has been the subject of public scrutiny and ridicule because she was ousted from a movie theater in Denver, Colorado, for vaping and using her cell phone.

Numerous complaints were made about her and her companion to the theater workers, resulting in their expulsion.

Video evidence showed these alleged actions leading up to the couple being thrown out.

Joy Behar had fun with joking at Lauren’s expense, saying, “She’s the one to reach across the aisle if you want my opinion.”

This was also a play on the political divide between the Republicans and Democrats, a subject from the previous segment.

Joy Behar asks the cohosts their opinion on divorce

Citing a news story about the Boebarts sharing a kiss and passionate embrace, Joy continued to describe the couple having a shopping trip and a meal together.

Shocked at the intimacy of the now-divorced couple, Joy polled the ladies at the table.

“Can you really be that friendly after a divorce?” Joy asked and looked around at the ladies.

Joy was taken aback as the ladies were sympathetic towards the controversial couple. Kids being a complication was the group’s consensus, with Sara Haines clarifying, “I’m not close to a divorce!”

But Ana’s own feelings caused her to have a shocking reaction.

Ana Navarro shook the audience with what came out of her mouth

Ana started explaining her feelings of sympathy.

Then, she had to pause and ask for help here. Help in the form of medication. Was she about to faint? Could it be COVID-19, the illness that caused Whoopi Goldberg to miss the first week of The View this season?

What was happening that Ana herself couldn’t believe it?  

“I was with my ex for 15 years, and I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I related to Lauren Boebert here.”

“I need aspirin! I’m going to lay down!” exclaimed Ana Navarro. She was shocked by these feelings of commiseration.

She said as an explanation, “I think, once it’s finally over and signed with, you have that sense of closure, but you also have other emotions.”

Ana recently had harsh words for Jada Pinkett Smith, thinking she knew too much about Jada and Will Smith’s marriage.

It was distasteful for her, yet for some reason, she didn’t share this sentiment about Lauren and Jayson Boebart.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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